The guessing game

The decision was made a long time ago (probably right after we decided on Holden’s name and told everyone), that this baby’s name (or any future baby) would basically be a secret from all family.
I know my Dad is always well meaning and never intends to hurt feelings- but considering that he told me that Holden’s name “sucked” and to “change it” when we told him what it would be and it really bummed me out, this secretive action was put into motion. None of my family knows the baby’s name. Some friends do, but no family- and only because I know that they gossip way too much to ever keep it a secret.

It’s funny to watch everyone squirm, and desperately try to guess the name. I don’t think there’s been a single time that I haven’t seen my Dad since I told him that this baby has a name and he won’t be hearing it until we’re in the hospital with the kid out of me, that he hasn’t made some sort of mention of not knowing the name, or saying something silly like “child who shall remain nameless”, or asking me if he has a middle name (which he does, and my Dad knows he does, I think he’s just trying to see if MAYBE, the billionth time he asks i’ll give in and tell him).
I know it urks one of my step sisters to no end, and i’d tell her… IF my Dad would stop saying that he’d easily be able to get it out of her.

It went from sort of being a ‘punishment’, to being fun not to tell anyone. I get a kick out of it. Mean? Maybe. There are so few surprises in life, why not keep my family (and Thomas’ family) in suspense?
It’s lucky Holden usually only talks in one syllable words- can’t even tell you how many times HE has been asked the baby’s name in hopes he’ll just be a big blabber mouth. Instead he just points to my stomach and doesn’t make a peep. That’s my boy! Even if he did squeak out the first syllable, it wouldn’t get anyone closer to the first name. And ESPECIALLY not the middle name. No one is ever going to guess that.

I’ve given clues. Both names are unisex, middle name is musical. Vague, but should narrow down the field quite a bit… but when I hear the guesses due to those clues from my family it baffles me! They really don’t know my style at all with the whack ass names they think i’d actually give a little boy.
Ohhhhhh my, NO! I would never ever name any child, boy or girl, those names. Those aren’t even close to my style (and Holden’s name alone should be a huge indicator of that). I practically laughed hysterically at those names, they’re so bad. Carol mostly.. I had no idea that name was unisex, and feel sorry for anyone with a penis who is named it.
Lee is far too generic and southern for my tastes. I am not a fan of over-used common names in the slightest.
Now, I wouldn’t run out and give my kid some intensely insane Hollywood baby-esque name, but Thomas and I did make sure the name is at least unique and goes perfectly with Holden’s name (in our opinion).

I’m doubting my family will ever guess either name. And i’ll do a little victory dance every time they guess incorrectly.
I think it will be fun to have them come into the hospital room, and I can actually INTRODUCE my little guy, instead of everyone already knowing his name. At least i’m not hiding the gender from them. People who find out the gender and then refuse to tell anyone confuse the hell out of me. Unisex baby clothes are bland and yucktastic for the most part. It’s one thing to not know the gender yourself, but it’s kinda shooting yourself in the ass gift wise if you don’t tell anyone else.
No one’s going to mess things up by not knowing this guy’s name- we aren’t really into monogramming around here.

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  • It is kinda fun to watch them squirm. I think when I was talking to my Grandmother the other day, she asked to know the name (I could be mistaken, I might have been talking to someone else), but I told her that we werent telling anyone. The name is a surprise. It is a boy though. 😀

    No suggestions from my side as to what the name is. I guess they just understand that even if they did get it. I wouldn’t tell them. :oP

  • I thought everyone knew by now that our lips are sealed!
    my family knows, they’re just hoping we slip up.

  • I love that idea! We never told anyone Braden’s name until he was actually born. Ok, so we told my Mom – but that was the ONLY person who knew. 🙂

  • Another nice thing about not telling anyone is that you don’t have to hear their opinions on the name (especially once the baby is here). And if you want, you can change it last minute.

    Also, it helped me NOT get sick of the names before I had the baby.

  • My first thought, “Crap, I know I’ve said the name at least once or twice around here. Did I mess it up?!” LOL

    I agree with the monogramming thing. It kind of annoyed me when MIL monogrammed Alayna’s name into her baby blanket MONTHS before she was born. What if I wanted to change my mind shortly after or even right after she was born? That blanket would’ve been ruined!

    I loved the blanket(Ally still sleeps with it to this day), but I didn’t appreciate the monogrammed name!

  • Nope Terrie- you’ve never said it on this blog or anywhere my family could read it!

    Keeping the name a secret is seeming more and more like the best idea due to all the reasons y’all have given me and the ones I came up with on my own.
    I still hate hearing my dad say Holden’s full name because I know how much he hates it.. just has this TONE about it.
    At least now I won’t have to hear the hate for as long 😉 I’m positive he’s not going to like the name