The greatest invention since sliced bread

Oh sure, there are hybrid cars, lightning fast internet, and air conditioning.. but there is one thing above all else that is a preggo’s best friend.

The tummy wedge.

A simple little thing- nothing more than a pillow in the shape of a wedged slice of cheese, but it makes sleeping far less of an uncomfortable tossing and turning battle every single night.

The bigger you get during pregnancy, the less sleep you get. Not just because baby might be kicking the ever loving shit out of your insides (babies are nocturnal when they’re growing in a belly), but because of this huge mass poking out of the front of you. With the bigger belly, comes a harder belly, because it’s not longer flub, it doesn’t jiggle, it’s stiff and hard like an over-filled water balloon.. so it doesn’t exactly relax onto the bed when you lay on your side (and everyone will tell you lying on your side is best for baby).
Personally, the feeling to me is a sensation close to what I imagine an alien tearing out of your skin would feel like. The skin pulls and tugs because the weight is ridiculously heavy. Without something to prop under the heavy mass of baby and fluid, sleeping would be practically impossible for me.
Sure, I could sleep on my back I guess- but as always.. that little voice creeps into my head “baby isn’t getting enough blood!” and immediately I roll onto my side. Gotta love guilt trips from yourself.

There are a lot of ladies who just suffice with a body pillow- those just will not do. They throw off the entire balance. Instead of propping up just your stomach where all the excess uncomfortable weight is, it’s propping up your entire body. Not to mention it’s the summer time and i’d like to NOT be suffocated by a 6ft pillow spooning me.
A tummy wedge is small and innocent and perfect. When you have a small belly, you shove the entire thing under it, with the bigger belly you can use the more slanted part- it has ‘settings’ for each stage of huge-ness, how can you compete with that?

Mine is beginning to look a bit sad. With the weight of two pregnancies squishing down it’s stuffed cotton insides, it’s a little flat, a little limp, a little less wedge-like… still does the trick- and I don’t really feel like shelling out $16.00 for the Boppy brand one I see everywhere now.. mine definitely was not that expensive, I don’t even know what brand it is- just found it randomly while shopping at Babies-R-Us before Holden was born and never looked back.

Yes, I am pledging love to my tummy-wedge.. without it- I would be more haggard and irritable than I already am.. so really- Thomas should probably be thanking it more than me.

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  • I’ve been looking at getting one of those but I have a little pillow that’s looking pretty warn that I use and I’m so close now there’s no point.

    The sleeping on your back thing doesn’t hurt the baby, it hurts YOU! YOU don’t get enough blood to your legs with baby putting all their weight on your spine.