The Game of "Telephone"

Or as I like to call it: The “get the truth so twisted and blown out of proportion that by the end people will think you’re dying!” game.

There’s no way I can speak for everyone- but I think ‘Telephone’ is a universal childrens game. When my teachers had nothing better for us to do, they’d always resort to us playing telephone.

What once was a simple message in the beginning got twisted into something ridiculous and weird by the end. That’s sort of how it is in real life, too. You tell one person something like “I need to go get my hair done today”, they tell someone, who tells someone, who tells someone, and so on, and by the end it’s “Did you hear?? She has herpes!”
Ok, maybe not that extreme, but facts always seem to get twisted more and more, the more people they go through.

My last blog post was not the happiest of blog posts- that’s for sure. It was something that I was freaking out about, a situation NO ONE wants to find themselves in.. and one of those things where people are going to hear about it and spread it around like wildfire.
Now, the most logical thing to do would be to go straight to the source and ask, “Hey, what’s really going on here?? Is everything going to be ok?”
But, c’mon now, things never happen that way! No one ever goes directly to the source anymore. It becomes instant freak-out, one phonecall turns into two, turns into three- and finally I get a phonecall from my Dad this evening saying something along the lines of..
“So I hear you’re getting evicted?”

Say what?? Not even CLOSE to what I originally said. Eviction would mean WE did something wrong, we did not. Could we have gotten booted out? Yeah, sure. He had a lot of the details wrong, or didn’t have a lot of the important details. He was thinking he was going to have to help us move out this weekend. I do have to say, at least he called me instead of just taking what he heard, mixing it around in his mind, and taking that as fact. Obviously no one gets facts wrong on purpose- it’s just the fact of going from what I say, to someone else who can forget a few things here and there, to someone else who might leave something out or get something wrong, to the last person.
It took me a good 20 minutes to explain the actual situation to him. I hate that!

To update on what I wrote yesterday: We aren’t losing the house.
Trust me, I thought for a second there that we definitely might. Thomas gave the company we’re renting through a call, and they’re claiming it was a “bank error.”
Uh-huh. I don’t really buy that explanation.
The people before us who were supposed to be in the rent-to-own program for this house moved in and decided to never pay. Not once. They got evicted. When we moved in about a month or so later, the house was already behind on payments. This is where it gets fuzzy/fishy. Our down paymeny covered what was owed to the bank (since the company wasn’t covering for the people who had lived here).. but after that they claim the bank just stopped cashing the checks.
I’m not saying it’s impossible, but why would the bank stop cashing checks they need for a mortgage? Doesn’t make a lot of logical sense to me. And how it got SO far without anyone noticing (the company seems to not have even known until the 12th of this month, when the house was so far into foreclosure it was going to auction) is beyond me.
Weird situation all around.

All I really care about is that shit is getting taken care of, that this house is ours, and we’re not going to get thrown on the street because someone ELSE is being irresponsible. As long as this house ain’t going up for auction at the end of the month- we’re good to go. What a stupid situation!!!

Anyways: problem apparently solved. BIG weight off of my shoulders, that’s for sure.

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    Screw this house buying shit. We are going back to renting.

    That is all.

  • yeah.. def not the kind of stress a preggo needs. Glad things got worked out!

  • I hope that is the end of THAT for y’all! What a bunch of stress/worry to go through for them to just claim it was a bank error! I don’t believe a bank wouldn’t cash checks either, but who knows what can happen. Doesn’t matter too much as long as you aren’t getting kicked out of your house!

  • Jenny, Did your Dad /lawyer read your contract?
    The same thing happened to mybff`s sister.
    They also bought as “rent to own” trailer. 5k down.ect. The company turned out to be the owner who purposly let the prop default,continued to make deals with the bank, extending forclosure, they were evicted w/no notice until sheriff showed at door. They never had communication with the owning bank, as they didnt know it existed. The company claimed to have clear title and they never asked to see it, I hope it works well for you. Lovya AS

  • yes, had a lawyer read it. The contract is iron clad. If they fuck up and this house goes to foreclosure, they are completely and totally screwed (as far as money when we would take them to court) and will probably lose their licenses as well.