The cat doesn’t like Holden because she is Siamese, territorial, and jealous. Hell, she doesn’t like ANYONE but me and hides when company comes over. She even hates the other cat we have (the other cat, who by the way, LOVES Holden.) Ever had a Siamese? Ever had a Siamese who has pretty much never been around small, loud children?

Her dislike of Holden has nothing to do with how he treats her. I’ve taught him to be gentle and approach slowly. He doesn’t always do what he’s told- but he certainly doesn’t deserve to be scratched across the face for just wanting to TOUCH the cat.

So before you get all high and mighty and assume that Holden is a “brat” and that’s why he’s getting scratched, without EVER meeting him, or seeing him, or meeting the cat and seeing how she is with everyone else- maybe you should have actually read my previous post.
I would love for the problem to be Holden, because then it can easily be corrected and we would be able to keep the cat- that just isn’t the case- and you are an idiot.

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  • I have a Siamese cat too. You can’t really train ANY cat and a siamese is always going to be a loner! I’m sure Holden was just trying to show kitty some love!

  • he definitely was. Holden LOVES animals. At times he may not know his own strength but NEVER is he mean to one, just a little too aggressive in how he tries to snuggle them.

  • Declawing really isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not inhumane like people say.