Formula? Breastfeeding?

No, this isn’t a post about debating which is better- that’s something I won’t really go into complete details about because it’s such a hot-button topic. It’s more about money saving.

Obviously, breastfeeding is going to be the cheapest choice.. as the milk that comes from your boobs is free- and most experts and doctors and nurses alike will tell you it’s the best choice for your child as far as nutrition goes.

Some women choose not to breastfeed, or can’t- due to whatever reasons. Any reason is ok- it’s a personal choice.
If you choose to go the formula route- there are a LOT of different formulas to choose from.
What a lot of people don’t know is ALL formulas, whether they be store brand or name brand have to adhere by the same strict FDA guidelines. They may all offer a little something different- but they can’t be on the shelf unless they are equally as safe for your baby- yes, even storebrands. And store brand formula (Parent’s Choice Infant Formula , Kirklands, Target, Kroger, CVS) can cost up to 50% less than name brand. If your baby’s tummy can handle it- that’s always the way to go (wasn’t the case for us unfortunately, we tried it.)

There is a tool online you can now use to see just how much you’d be saving by buying store brand versus a brand like Enfamil Lipil or Similac.
seriously, check it out, you’ll be amazed by the difference.

And something I DIDN’T know- the reason store brands are so much cheaper? It’s because they aren’t given away in hospitals like name brand formulas are.. not because the quality is any less. The name on the can means nothing! Of course, it’s your choice- but definitely look into your options before making your decision. There’s nothing wrong with not buying the most expensive formula on the market.


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