Why not get cable with a side of perks?

For a while now, Thomas and I have had issues with our cable/internet provider. Double charging us and then claiming we owe them money when we don’t.. not counting our payments and threatening to cut off our service if we don’t pay money that we DON’T owe. Even without all the issues, the bills are always high and there are NEVER any perks that come along with the service.

I know of one cable provider that DOES offer perks along with their service. Charter cable.

Currently, during Charter’s Free Gift Card Sweepstakes they’re giving away four $1,000 gift cards a week and you get entered to win a $5,000 grand prize. Winners can mix and match gift cards in $500 increments from popular brands. The contest is open to anyone and no purchase is necessary, meaning you don’t even have to HAVE Charter to win.

During the entire month of May, anyone who orders anything online at Charter’s site is automatically entered to win and will receive $75 or $150 in gift cards depending on their bundle selection.

To keep up with the deals and savings and contests, you can FollowCharter on Twitter , simple!

Whether you’re looking to save on cable/internet bundles, looking for a company with perks, or just some contests to enter for fun- you should check out Charter.


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