Unbutton and… Ahhhhhhh…

Well, it seems to be about that time in pregnancy where I have to stop stressing out my ‘skinny’ clothes and make the move over to maternity, much to my dismay.

I thought i’d be able to hold out longer, being that baby #2 seems to be carrying a LITTLE bit higher than Holden.. but I didn’t really account for the fact that i’d suddenly explode into a HUGE preggo from just sort of looking chubby and being able to squeeze by in everything I already own.

It’s only been the past week where I feel incredibly uncomfortable once I zip and button up every single pair of pants I own- even the bigger sizes. Everything’s still feeling pretty good in the leg area but my stomach feels like it’s going to pop a button into some unsuspecting person’s eye if I breathe in too deeply.

I’ve mentioned multiple times before in previous blog entries how deep my loathing is for maternity wear. The sizing sucks, the styles suck, the fit sucks.. unless you’re either willing to go bankrupt on the super expensive shit, or you want to wear a horrendously suffocating pair of pants with that god awful hideous mess of a ‘tummy panel’ they install on every pair in order to keep them up over your disappearing hips.

Personally, I don’t like either of those options and don’t really want to settle… but I want to be COMFORTABLE, for once.. so i’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.
I’ve managed to find some cut maternity shirts for pretty cheap, and luckily have a few things left over from last pregnancy- but even pants last time were a mystery to me and I never hit the jackpot there so i’m still searching for something that fits, and doesn’t give me a frumpy horse butt in the process.

Regardless, the change over must be made, no matter how I feel about the way it looks or how perfectly it fits.. because ONE more day in a pair of jeans that constricts my insides so badly that it causes braxton hicks and i’ll go insane and tear them off. And no one wants to see a preggo tearing clothes off…. no one normal anyways.

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  • It’s such a different experience to be a pregnant chubbster- you are actually excited to get into maternity clothes. I went out right away to find the tops (on clearance of course, ouch) with the biggest belly ribbons and bows possible to scream- you can’t call me fat for once, I’m preggers!! Unfortunately b/c I was bigger no one could tell I was pregnant (I still had to tell people when I was 8 months) so people probably just thought I was wearing weird clothes for no reason.

  • aww haha well that’s shitty too!!

    I see things that I think are cute ALL THE TIME but more often than not, it makes my ass look like a saggy old pancake or my boobs just aren’t big enough.
    I like maternity shirts, I just don’t think i’ll ever properly fit.

    pants… sigh.. I think I have given up. frumpy horse butt here I come.

    oh, and as far as clearance- by FAR my fav preggo shirt of the moment I got from the thrift store for like 2 bucks!

  • Just think about this. It’s not like you have to wear them after you are done, really. You can pretty much go back to having normal clothes (after the ice packs are gone). You just have to think about the long-run here. 6 months is nothing in comparison to 60 years.

  • LIES! you have forgotten about last time where I had to buy bigger sizes because I could not fit into pre-pregnancy clothes, and even sold/gave away most of my small sizes because I couldn’t EVER get back into them.

    what universe are you living in??

  • “Men are from Mars…” 😉

    I’m glad you mentioned the thrift store bc I was just in this store yesterday called Dirt Cheap. They have department store items for like HALF the price, Cato’s brand pants for like $6-$8(I got three pair-one pair fit BEAUTIFULLY and then the others fit GREAT in the WAIST but were HUGE in the LEGS ugh…amazing that the pair I DID NOT try on fit the best lmao).

    Shirts were like $5 and a few cute maternity shirts caught my eye! They didn’t have my size, but I thought about YOU! 😛 After spending $50 there, you’d think I’d have my fix of bargain shopping but I’m still hankering to check out the thrift store in town Monday for .99 day LOL!

    As far as the horse butt goes, maybe try some of those air packets that companies put in some of their packages?! J/k 😛