Track Marks

As a pregnant woman, you really get the shit end of the stick.

You give up your body, your sanity, sometimes your health, and even your blood. I don’t mean blood that’s flowing to the baby (although that’s true as well), but literally, blood.

It may not hold true for every pregnant woman, but every single time I go to the doctor- I get poked with needles for some kind of random testing my doctor wants to run. The record for vials taken is somewhere around eight in one sitting. The worst was in the hospital when someone would come in literally 3 times a day and take multiple vials of blood for testing.. what? I don’t know, I was sort of out of it after a kid got torn from my crotch- but it got to the point where I just stuck my arm out and said “TAKE IT!”, especially when they came at 5am and woke my ass up to do it.
Just be warned that your doctor might go needle happy and have you tested for everything and anything under the sun. Hemoglobin count (to check your iron), checking your Vitamin D level (now that people are realizing that baking in the sun like an old potato is a bad idea), testing for the baby, or anything else that pops into their head- they’ll want your blood.. or your pee… probably both.

I’m no pussy when it comes to giving blood. I don’t get light headed and feel like fainting regardless of how much they take.. i’m not afraid of needles (if you’ve seen how many tattoos I have you’d know that, although I used to be deathly afraid as a child), I don’t really even think it hurts that bad if the person knows what the hell they’re doing. I’ve got pretty good veins, so i’m told, so it shouldn’t be so hard to find a spot and poke it…
I hate the MARKS it leaves behind. I bruise easily I guess.

There are times where i’ve left the doctor’s office looking like a junkie. Bruising from the needle site (or multiple needle sites, depending on the dummy taking my blood), and then the marks the tape leaves behind.. oh my. My skin gets VERY irritated from the tape i’m supposed to leave on for 30 minutes to ensure I don’t go squirting blood all over the place. Most of the time i’d rather bleed than leave that stupid shit on and have to tear it off like a week old bandaid that’s fused to your skin and just doesn’t want to detach.

This weeks appointment left the worst marks for sure. I should have taken a picture as soon as I got home, but I always forget to do these things when i’m thinking about it.
Here’s a picture from tonight:

It never seems to look as bad in pictures as it does in person. Oh well.
The needle mark? That teeny tiny thing all the way to the left. The rest is what I thought the stupid evil tape did to me, but my brother informed me today over lunch that it’s a subdermal hematoma? News to me.
Basically, nurse that loves to stab me constantly neglected this time around to tell me to apply pressure once she was done draining my blood.. so blood got trapped under my skin. YAY!

Now i’m walking around looking like a pregnant junkie, about to pop out a 3 pound crack baby. Goodie!

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  • I believe the picture is pretty life-like. There isn’t much left to leave to the imagination. It does look pretty bad. Damn those stupid nurses.

    You bruise pretty easily with the blood taking anyways, but this one takes the cake. I can’t believe that she didnt apply pressure on it!!! Grr on that.

  • Ew, I hate it when they have to take blood. As long as I don’t look, I’m okay. LOL D is about the same way. He actually will get pale sometimes if they have to poke him more than once or move the needle around inside his arm. Creepy feeling.

  • I’m in the same boat. 🙁 Every time I go to my appointments, they poke me and my arm ends up really bruised and ugly. It’s like over 100 F everyday where I live, but due to the bruises, I have to wear semi-long shirts and it gets SO HOT. I wish they could do all of the tests in one sitting! 3 weeks to go. 🙁