To trade, or not to trade

Well, I suppose “not to trade” isn’t really an option, it’s more like WHICH to trade. And when I talk about trading, i’m talking cars.

We found the perfect car. Right size, right gas mileage.. and most importantly- the right price.

The problem? Trade ins! GAH!

Thomas still has quite a bit of money left on his car. Unfortunately, the trade in value is a couple grand left than what he still owes. So that means if we trade in his car, we have to roll negative equity onto the new loan. The plus is that the trade in value of his car really isn’t much less than what the car we’re buying is worth (how we’re getting such a good deal.. I really don’t know.. but we are)- but it does mean we have to finance a tad more than what’s left on his current loan, and those rates are pretty much going to shit on us. I don’t really understand that part either.

Then I started thinking about.. what if we trade MY car in? Sure, it isn’t worth quite as much as Thomas’.. but it’s paid off- no negative equity to roll over.
This all sounds well and good, but it leaves around two thousand (maybe a little more depending) dollars left to pay for on the ‘new’ car. So.. we’d either have to get financed for that tiny ass amount and have two payments(which really we can’t afford)- or somehow scrounge it up and pay for it in cash. Do I have the money in my account? Yes. Do I want to clean my account out? No! I just paid 10k for the house, I really can’t afford 2k more for the car and have nothing left over for emergencies (which is what I like to keep money in my account for).

What to do?!
If people really want to find a good gift to give us for the baby (other than diapers and formula, since some people seem dead set on buying us things we don’t need at all.. since we have everything but what I mentioned above)- it would be to help us with this damn car (or SUV I should say) so that we actually have room for 2 small children.. cramming them into a sedan just isn’t an option- not to mention that the double stroller won’t even fit in my trunk. Ideally i’d rather trade in my car and pay the rest in cash and have no payment- just gotta find cash by tomorrow. AH!

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