Terrible 2s in Full Swing

In my honest opinion, Holden has been in his “terrible twos” stage since he turned a year old. He’s just kind of a whiny dude in general, always has been (I hear boys are just that way when little.)

It’s not been too hard to manage once you get used to the screaming and the tantrums and the whining and being talked back to- even if it isn’t exactly in english, you know what they mean.

As Holden has gotten older, I wouldn’t necessarily say he’s grown OUT of his terrible twos, especially since he isn’t two yet.. but I would say it’s morphed into a different level of evil.
I’ll admit that in public, compared to other kids I can hear screaming and crying for 20 minutes straight from all the way across the building/store/mall/wherever, Holden is pretty damn well behaved. After ALL the tantrums he’s thrown in public in the past, it could be that he’s finally learned that it really won’t get him what he wants, and no one is going to coddle him for being a brat so he just doesn’t do it.

I hear stories all the time about kids that throw themselves on the floor and flip out.. kids that bite when they get angry- all kinds of horrible things little kids do when they aren’t getting their way or don’t want to do something they’re being told to do. I’ve always thanked my lucky stars that Holden isn’t one of those kids.

That doesn’t mean he’s an angel, by NO MEANS is he an angel, he just has different ways of expressing his full-on brattiness. I think i’ve just become numb to how incredibly obnoxious he can really be.. because i’m pretty sure he’d drive other moms totally insane (just as their kids might make me crazy.)

His favorite move lately is what my brother calls “The Arch of Defiance”
For example: potty time. He doesn’t always get super amped on going to take a piss, especially if he’s in the middle of meticulously moving his tonka trucks from the coffee table to the window. I give him a second to walk down the hallway on his own, and after about the tenth time of him telling me “NO!” I go to drag his ass (aka, pick him up and take him.)
This is when he completely stiffens his body, puts his arms above his head, and arches his back, trying to make me drop him back to the floor so he can run away screaming and continue being oddly OCD. I try very hard not to laugh.. but it’s just so damn ridiculous that most of the time I can’t help myself.

I think, by far, the most obnoxious of his terrible toddler traits has to be his low tolerance for frustration.
If he’s playing with a toy that he just can’t seem to get to work the way HE wants it to work (rarely does he play with something by the book. He likes to think he makes the rules.) He goes VERY quickly from whining to throwing said toy across the room and totally freaking out. Does it matter that it’s his fault for not playing with it correctly? Nope. It isn’t doing what HE wants it to do, therefore it is wrong, and deserves to be chucked.
I can specifically remember my brother and I expressing that exact behavior when it came to playing the Sega Genesis (remember Sega?? those were the days). Lost a game due to just being plain sucky? Don’t care, slam controller on ground… eventually have to hide BROKEN controller from Mom in order to not get ass whooped.
Difference is, My brother and I had to be at LEAST 8, if not older.. and Holden is already acting that bratty at 20 months. Yay for the future! Hopefully, it is a phase he’s getting out of his system early. I’m not buying that kid a new fucking XBox500 controller (I imagine a newer model than 360 will be out by then) because he decided to be a twat and break one.

I know what you’re thinking- apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Trust me, I know. On the other hand, I happen to think I was an angel… compared to my brother at least.

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  • Kyra is the exact same way! She is a well behaved little girl most of the time but I think she got into the Terrible 2’s when she was 15mos. The tantrums are soo funny that it’s hard not to just sit there and laugh at her. She does the whole arms over head arching bakc thing as well bu she adds a twist, she throws her head back violently.

    She is also very OCD. Things go where they go and if you try to take something out of a basket, forget it it just goes right back in. She get very frustrated with toys as well if she doesn’t get it to work the first time or if it doesn’t do what she wants to the first time, she goes from happy to screaming in like 60 sec. I feel you on that situation.