Stupid flourescent lighting

Today was just one of those days where I woke up already feeling crappy and the day wasn’t any better.
Rolled out of bed feeling worn down, beat up, sore, thirsty and irritable. Good way to start off, right?
Spent the rest of the morning arguing, listening to Holden scream for no apparent reason, cooking.. and then cleaning.
My uterus was not pleased in the slightest. The more irritable and worn down I got, the more irritable and angry it got. And the stupidest part was, the more I sat down, the worse I felt.
How is that even possible for a tired strung out pregnant chick? Sitting down, putting your feet up, and sipping on a nice cold glass of water is supposed to make everything better. Nope. My bass-ackwards uterus decided that just wasn’t going to cut it.

After a short nap (since Holden decided he didn’t want to sleep for very long.. and that he wanted to wake up crying), and a boring lunch- uterus decided for me that it could no longer sit still.
We decided to make a trip to the mall. Why? Well, nothing else is open on a rainy Sunday at 5:00pm. Not that I particularly enjoy window shopping (I prefer BUYING), but anything to get out of the house and shut my uterus up.
It helped. I felt great the whole time.

Got home, sat down- and guess who decided to get angry again? Mmhmmm..

Dinner time.. nothing thawed.. nothing really to make. I told Thomas to decide what we eat and where to go. I wasn’t too hungry, and had no preference. He decided on a new family oriented sports bar we’d kept hearing about that isn’t too far from our house.
We get there, sit down, I pick out what I want from the menu and suddenly, like a bag of bricks, the nausea hits me. Intense, insane, PAINFUL nausea. I thought maybe I could stick it out.. but the more food smells that wafted past my nose, the worse I was feeling until I couldn’t take it anymore and we had to box up our food before it ever even came to our table and leave. I’m a baby, so I cried pretty much the whole way home.. in my defense, I really felt like I was dying at that point.

Got home, laid down, pitied myself. Holden knew something was wrong and came over and gave me a big snuggle and a kiss (such a sweet boy, that one).
Maybe within 5 minutes I felt 100 times better. What the fuck made me so sick at the restaurant?
Thomas says “Maybe it was the lighting, it even messed me up” and that really seemed to fit.
Fluorescent lighting and I DO NOT GET ALONG. I don’t know why.. or what it is about it, but I can’t handle it. Target makes me so nauseous I feel like blacking out because of the lighting, Gymboree made me see black spots because of the lighting…
and now restaurants. Great! It VERY minimally bothers me when i’m not baking a fetus in my tummy oven, but when I get knocked up my body can’t stand it. Even the overhead lighting in our house (while not flourescent) bothers the hell out of me. Most days I don’t even turn the lights on in the house, just open all the blinds.

I feel like maybe I should wear one of those stupid sun visors everywhere I go and the lighting will never be an issue. Sure, i’ll look like an idiot… but less of an idiot than leaving a restaurant before the food comes crying and clutching my stomach.

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