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A few months ago, a fellow mom pointed me in the direction of an offer for free diapers. Not anything huge or substantial, just a few to try out of a new Huggies brand. I’m not a fan of Huggies, but free is free, and a few is better than none- so of course I signed right up. The diapers we’re trying to stock up on are for baby #2 (since I plan to have Holden out of diapers SOON), so I put myself down for newborn size.

A lot of times, I expect it to be a scam and to never receive anything.. so i’d basically forgotten all about it until Thomas walked inside tonight from going out to his car and said “Hey, we got a package.”
A little tiny box with the huggies logo, and then I instantly knew they were the diapers i’d signed up for. Yay for free stuff that isn’t a scam!

He pulled them out of the box, unwrapped the diapers and we were both blown away by how TINY they are. And I mean TINY.
It’s been so long since Holden was a newborn (or anything resembling small for that matter) that I think we’d both literally forgotten just how small they really are. Compared to a size 4 diaper that Holden wears, this itty-bitty little newborn diaper looks fake, like it’s meant for a baby doll.

19 months really isn’t that long ago in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like an eternity.
I can remember bringing Holden home and thinking “… ok, what now?”- complete confusion. This tiny little wiry squirmy whiney living breathing thing is now your responsibility. It can’t survive without you.

Seeing that tiny diaper really made it hit home that in a matter of months, we’ll have a tiny baby to fit into the tiny diaper. I wonder if we’ll be as confused as we were with Holden, or if it will seem like a walk in the park? I wonder how he’ll be.. what he’ll look like.. what his temperment will be like? If those bony little legs that look like the skin is just ready to fall right off because it’s so loose will flail around just like Holden’s did.. just for fun. If his cord stump will look just as disgusting.. if he’ll try and pee all over family members.

It still doesn’t really feel real. I don’t think i’m in denial, I think it’s just hard to picture having two little kids when i’ve finally grown so used to the one crazy one I have. I know Holden like the back of my hand.. but it took a very long time to get to this point. Scary to think we’ll have to start all over again.

All this from a tiny little baby diaper. Who would have thought that just that one little thing would make it hit home?

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  • I definitely relate. It’s crazy to think that Holden was ever that small to where he could fit into those, and that soon enough there will be another one that size around the house. I hope that Holden is nice, and that new baby doesn’t keep Holden up at night.

    There are lots of little things to think and worry and be grateful for. I am both excited and scared at the same time. 🙂

    Wow they were tiny. We should put one on Holden and take a picture. Just for fun.