Prepare for the worst, I always say

So, we are FINALLY in possession of our new SUV. And by new, I mean new to us. It’s a 2003 with over 80k miles on it, so it’s definitely not “new” by any other standards.

Although I don’t drive much, and this is just the weekend/family car- i’m always concerned about vehicle repairs. Since our SUV is an older car, it didn’t come with a warranty- and i’m pretty sure the manufacturer’s warranty has run out.

So what to do? Prepare yourself for anything that may go wrong and find the cheapest & best ways to repair it if anything were to break.

Radiator.com is a resource website in finding the cheapest radiators for any make of car, and finding places to fix it/install it for you, from Toyota to a Chevrolet Radiator, it can find anything for you.

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