The Nurse’s Guide to Good Living

Over the past year, many stay at home moms I know have gone back to school. I’d say about 95% of them are going to nursing school, and are just about to finish up.
Still with so many questions and concerns about placement, and what they have to wear- there aren’t many places they can go to find helpful information, or a community of other nurses to support and help them on their way.

I have come across a website to do just that, and more.

Scrubs is an online magazine of sorts, that can help you in any stage of your career (such as student nurse, new nurse, seasoned/mentor.)

From how to look good in scrubs (never an easy task if you ask me), to what to tell a patient about the Swine Flu, this website has basically everything you could ever want to know- and unlike other nursing websites- it offers it in a fun, warm and inviting atmosphere.

Even for someone like me, who is not going to go into the nursing field, the website has some helpful resources like how to keep your hands looking healthy when you wash them all day long (and although i’m positive I don’t wash them as much as a nurse, as a stay at home mom they do get washed quite often and dried out because of that)… Not to mention all the funny stuff, like “on the job bloopers” from people in the nursing field, and “Overheard at the Nursing station”- my personal favorite- with quotes nurses hear from their fellow staff and patients that will have you chuckling.

I definitely suggest checking it out if you’re going into, or are in the nursing field- or if you’re not, and could use tips (like what to buy from the vending machine) or maybe a laugh, it’s a good place to go for that too.


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