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Would be to NEVER EVER get pregnant to where your fattest most swollen miserable months end up in the dead of summer. Just don’t do it! You will live to regret it, especially when you’re 8 months along and can’t even go outside without instantly being drenched in sweat and feeling like falling over.

Unfortunately for me, this will be my second pregnant where this is going to happen. YAY!
Holden was due in September, baby #2 is due in early October.
September is not a cold month here in good ol’ Virginia. Most of the time, it’s downright scorching, especially in the beginning of the month. So I suppose I get a little bit of a reprieve, since the end of September/beginning of October SHOULD be pretty mild, compared to dying the last 3 months of my pregnancy with Holden from the humidity and heat.. except that this summer is looking like it’s going to be unusually hot.
In April, there were a few days it got well above 90.. not normal for around here.

I do feel in part that the heat had a lot to do with my high blood pressure during my pregnancy with Holden. My OBGYN couldn’t find any other reason for it.. and it was perfect until mid-summer when everything took a turn for the worse. I started finding myself getting light headed, seeing black spots, feeling like passing out if I was up and walking around too much. Weirdly enough, a lot of these occurances happened in places like Target with a shitload of flourescent lighting. Flourescent lighting really seems to mess with my head, maybe I have some kind of light sensitivity because it happens when i’m not pregnant too (although not as often).

I was really hoping to avoid high blood pressure this time around. I’ve been staying more active, exercising, drinking more water.. trying not to eat like a total pig (not really sure if any of that helps, but it’s good for me anyways)- and so far my blood pressure has been spectacular. 120/70. I do a little dance every time they put that cuff around my arm and praise how good it is.
Especially now that I have Holden, I really can’t afford to have high blood pressure again. The Non-Stress Tests (NST) twice a week, constant appointments and ultrasounds.. I just don’t have the time, and I can’t imagine an NST would be accurate when you’re supposed to be relaxing.. and instead you have a toddler running around the room tearing shit apart. That’s enough to raise your blood pressure all by itself. I just don’t want to be dragging him around like that, not fair to him.. and I certainly can’t see leaving him with someone else constantly when all I want to dio is get as much alone time with him as possible before the new baby comes.

With the heat index rising, I notice a lot of the symptoms of high blood pressure returning. Of course, they could just be attributed to the ridiculous heat & humidity and the fact that i’m pregnant.. or even low blood sugar (that’ll make you pass out in the sun!)
It once again, started in a store with flourescent lighting. Hate it! As soon as I ate and had something to drink I felt much better. Actually, as soon as I left that particular store I felt much better.
Then this weekend I got that same woozy lightheaded blacking out feeling once again while yard-saling. Could it be because I actually listened to the stupid weather forcast and wore a tanktop and jeans, and it ended up being almost 85 degrees and humid as hell and I felt like jumping into a lake.. hell, my legs were already sticking to my jeans from sweat- how much worse could it get??
I went through 2 bottles of water, a glass of water at a random person’s house who was nice enough to go inside and get me a glass with ice.. and even tried getting into an air conditioned car and nothing really made me feel better.

It’s not a fun feeling, that’s for sure.

I can’t imagine being COLD and pregnant is a walk in the park either, and the clothes are more expensive.. but I think anything is better than being huge, swollen, fat, and sweaty with your thighs rubbing together and bellybutton poking out and everyone telling you how miserable you look because you’re walking like the fucking hunchback and waddling like a penguin, huffing and puffing because the humidity is so thick you can’t breathe…
Anything sounds better than that to me.

At least I bought Holden a pool/sandbox at the yard sales this weekend for $5 ($50 new!)
I plan on sitting my fat swollen ass in that thing right along with him.

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  • If only pregnancies could be planned, eh? haha I certainly didn’t want to have a baby in September last time at all, and of course August ’07 was the hottest friggin month ever. I think we hit 100 or over 15 days in a row. UGH. I had the A/C on 60 at night and was still hot and couldn’t sleep, and next time I know I couldn’t get away with that because Emily would be too cold. Here’s to hoping though. Just think, there’s no way it can be as hot as last time though, right? Right??

  • I love being pregnant in the winter in Idaho! I was sweating anyway all the time so I can’t imagine going through it in the summer!!