Mothers Day

Was a pretty good day. Wish my mom was here to spend it with.

After I got to sleep in, I came out of the room and Holden came running to me and basically headbutted me in the snatch trying to give me a hug. Thought that counts, right?

Then Thomas went to get us all breakfast at Hardees- which is my favorite (for breakfast anyways), I don’t have super high-quality taste.. but it always makes my tummy ache. Worth the pain!
After that we went thrifting for Holden & the new baby.. and the whole time I had to take a serious crap. Thanks Hardees!
Thrift stores aren’t known for having bathrooms, but I think the clerk seeing my predicament sent me behind the plastic curtain to their “bathroom”
I put bathroom in quotations because it really wasn’t one. I walked into a store room thinking I was in the wrong place when I saw a shower curtain…
behind the shower curtain was a toilet and a sink. Very clean, I must say, but weird. I felt exposed. Oh well, blew the bathroom up and felt pretty good after that.

Once we got home, Thomas cleaned the whole house while Holden and I took a nap. Unfortunately, I started feeling pain and nausea during nap time and the day sort of went downhill after that. Just not feeling so hot, uterine pain, and the baby wasn’t moving (when normally he beats the crap out of me all day long with no breaks in between). Of course, as a worrier, I panicked and started poking the shit out of him, which didn’t do anything but give me Braxton Hicks. I’ve been down the road of 1,000 hospital visits before, not one I want to travel again so I decided to just lay still, leave him alone, and see what happened. Not 5 minutes later, he was kicking me again. Must have pissed him out of his deep ass sleep (must be nice to sleep so deeply!)
By that time, i’d already missed dinner (I opted out), and it was time to put Holden in the bath, and then into bed.

Can I just say it’s never a good idea to skip dinner? You always end up hungry an hour later, and by that time nothing in the house seems even remotely appetizing so you end up like me- sending your poor husband (or significant other) to Taco Bell at 9:30 to pick you up a Nacho Cheese Gordita Combo, which you proceed to inhale.. and then it sticks to your thighs and you wish you’d just eaten that damn tuna sandwich when you had the chance.

I do love me some Taco Bell though, mmmmmmmmm. I have tried SO many times to make my tacos taste like theirs and it never happens. Must be the pounds of lard and grease they use.

All in all, i’d say the good outweighed the bad. I don’t ask for anything for Mother’s Day but attention, and I got just that so i’m happy.

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  • Pretty good day. We got some good stuff at the stores.

    Holden slept til 8. :oD

    It did suck that you got sick and stuff. 🙁 But I guess the Taco Bell helped to ease the pain.