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Before Holden was ever born, I knew he was going to be a handful with a super attitude. How? Mostly because of how he acted in the womb. I’ve mentioned before that he literally beat the crap out of my insides, even when I begged him not to (yeah, I know, as if that was going to work.) His little brother is acting as though he’s going to be the same way. I’m going to have my hands completely full!

Holden is to the age where his personality is REALLY starting to show through. Of course it’s been developing and i’ve had some kind of idea of the type of child he’d be- but it becomes more obvious every day.

Head strong, stubborn, independent.. but with a huge goofy side and the biggest heart ever.

One minute he’ll be yelling “NO! STOP IT!” at me, which is his new favorite thing to say (probably because that’s what I say to him a lot because he’s insane and likes to do things he shouldn’t be doing). And the next he’ll be running up to me and giving me snuggles while making a little love dovey “mmmm” sound.

The best thing about having a boy? The intense love they have for their mommies. There’s a reason the term “mama’s boy” exists- because it really holds true. On command, he’ll attack Thomas and/or lick his face if I ask him to. If Thomas asks him to “Get Mommy!”.. 9 times out of 10, he won’t do it.

The ‘worst’? He loves to roughhouse. HARD. And the kid seems to have super-strength. If I weren’t pregnant, it might be more enjoyable for me.. but being large and sore and having a 31 lb toddler bodyslam you out of nowhere and then punch you in the tit and run away giggling is not exactly my idea of a good time. My boobs already feel like someone used them as punching bags.. having his evil little hand slap one or climb on me and use it as a grip is extremely unpleasant. I swear he thinks they’re his property (and I never breastfed, so they never were!)

I am hoping that the word “Yes” creeps into his vocabulary sometime soon. Even if he wants something, his response is always (and I mean ALWAYS) “No!” or “No want!” or “No stop!”
It can be very confusing to figure out what he’s asking for if he never responds with “yes!”

Typical boy, can’t figure out what he wants.

Even still, as much as people say that most siblings are opposite- a huge part of me hopes his little brother is just like him. I can’t imagine not getting constant snuggles and kisses.. even if they are followed by a lick to the face or a slap to the boob. I’d say the trade off is worth it.

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  • I beleive that Holden has a very rounded personality. You are right, he is constant “NO” and hitting slapping punching kicking, but he does have that great snuggle kiss bump high-five side.

    The roughhousing probably comes a little from him being a boy, and a little from me throwing him around all the time. It’s just fun (and he loves it).

    I’m sure “Yes” will creep in here soon enough, you know he is starting to mimic everything, so maybe if we use some positive reinforcement, he will start to use it. 🙂