It’s about time for some touch up

When we moved into the house, all the painting was not quite done. The big stuff, yes, but there are little things here and there that could use touching up, or another coat.. and every day they stare at me and taunt me.. and every day i’m just too lazy to do anything about it.
I have no problem admitting i’m a HUGE procrastinator. Can’t bitch about something you aren’t taking action to fix though (I say the same thing to people who aren’t registered to vote) so i’ve just left it alone and figured i’d get to it some day before the new baby came.. there won’t be ANY time once he’s here, so at least there’s a deadline.

I think today i’ve finally had enough of looking at it, and having it look back at me because it knows i’m just gonna sit and do nothing. There’s nothing I CAN do while Holden is awake. Having an open paint can near him is seriously ASKING for my wood floors to be totally ruined (and look worse than they already look because refinishing floors is NOT something I ever plan to do myself.)

There’s no way I can touch up everything I want to in one night.. the list is ridiculously long (the windows, the mantle, corners of walls, paint spots from my dad bumping the ceiling and not cleaning them up, the baseboards, none of the doors have been painted, the bonus room still needs a 2nd coat AND all the wood trim needs to be painted.. etc etc etc etc ETCCCCCCCC).. basically EVERY room and EVERY color needs some kind of touching up- but at least it will be more done than it was- and less crap will be giving me the stare down.

I’m saying now that i’m going to do it… we’ll see if that actually happens though!

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