I’m Molting!

From everything i’ve read, during pregnancy it’s normal for your hair to get thicker (and much more unmanageable), and then once you pop the baby out- all that excess hair sheds. It’s pretty nasty to be able to pull out handfuls of hair all day long- but normal.
Basically- while you’re pregnant, you have all these excess hormones causing you to lose LESS hair than normal (goes into a ‘resting phase’), and once you’ve given birth and your hormones have settled down, more hair is able to go into the shedding phase, causing handfulls to come out at once.
You’ll go from regularly losing from 100-125 hairs a day to losing about 500. You might end up feeling like the chick from “The Craft” after the one witch puts that nasty little spell on her.. but it’s nothing to fear.

With Holden’s pregnancy, it happened exactly like that. I can remember getting so fed up with the super thick ridiculous poof on my head that I cut about 10 inches off all at once. Of course, once I popped that sucker out- I regretted cutting all my hair off because of all the hair I was losing.. it just looked limp and ugly all the time and there was nothing I could do with it being as short as it was. You live and you learn I guess.

I’ve done some searching (Googling!) again and can’t find any kind of answer as to why the hell this time around, I am losing handfulls of hair DURING pregnancy. I’ll ask my doctor next time I go in, but I don’t think it’s particularly normal.
Perhaps it’s because my hair is so long, and maybe i’m over thinking it a bit too much- but it’s pretty nasty to constantly shed.. to fill up a hair brush in just a few days:

Trust me, there’s a hell of a lot of hair in there. Especially for the time frame. Thing JUST got cleaned out!
Even more disgusting is the fact that my hair has decided to clog the shower, EVERY shower. It doesn’t take a week of showering to stop the drain up- nope- one shower and there’s no more water draining from the tub. Since Holden and I shower together, he sees it first hand.. considering the fact that he likes to PLAY with my hair in the drain. At least he unclogs it for me, I haven’t had to in a long while. It’s still nasty to see him pull a long stringy hairball out of the drain and begin to play with it. One of these days I won’t catch him and I swear he’ll eat it. Hopefully he knows better.. But I wouldn’t put it past him.

When it comes down to it, i’m just sick of being tickled by random hairs getting stuck ALL over me ALL the time. I must look like I have some kind of nervous tick, or that i’m insanely OCD, because all the time i’m searching my clothes and grabbing at my arms and looking down my shirt trying to find the culprit. I don’t know anyone who likes the feeling of a stray hair tickling their skin, multiply that by about 20 and you’ve got me.

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  • I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I seem to clog the drain every time too, and I’m not pregnant. It just seems that the drain can’t stay clear. The littlest amount of hair will stop that thing up.

    Let’s just hope that we don’t hear Holden trying to cough up a hairball into the A/C vent like Pooter the other day.

  • i just started losing my hair and was freaking out so bad! yeah it’s like huge clumps all at once. it’s nasty. i guess it took mine a while since i am breastfeeding still. we don’t have AC here in chicago and it just sticks to everyone in the house. so gross.

  • haha yeah you’re a little late. The average is about 12 weeks for the hormones to leave your system and to start shedding like a cat in summer

  • I’m still losing a bunch of hair!! My brush gets like that at least every other day and I get so close to clogging the shower every single time that I’m always picking up my hair after D kicks it out of the way one morning he’s showering. LOL