I’ll be glad when this process is over!

Let’s cut the crap- buying a car is a huge pain in the ass. No matter if you need financing or if you’re paying cash- there is always stupid asinine amounts of paperwork to read and sign and huff and puff about. Add in a trade in, and you double the paperwork. YAY! I don’t even want to know how many trees had to die in order for us to sign away our lives for our ‘new’ SUV tonight.

Night #2 at the dealership, and the damn thing still isn’t ready for us to take home. I can’t be totally mad because I don’t have the money in my hand to pay them right now.. and i’m certainly not taking that SUV off of the lot until it has all of its new parts and the cracker crumbs sucked up off of the floor and out of the trunk area (previous owners were DIRTY. Good god.)

I’m not super happy about the amount we are going to have to pay out of pocket.. but it’s definitely better than having to roll negative equity from Thomas’ car (we decided to use my car as a trade in instead, WAAHHHH!!!! i’m going to miss my car).
I basically had to ‘haggle’ with the salesman to give me what I thought my car should get as a trade in. It’s in DAMN good condition except for the damn paint coming off the bumper where that twat rear ended me a few months ago and DROVE AWAY. At least it caused no structural damage.
Still, an 04 Lancer, in damn good condition, with 48k miles? No accidents, have NEVER taken it to a repair shop for any problems (because it’s literally never had any).. I would think should be between the “good” trade in value and the “excellent”.. but of course.. it’s impossible to ever get the “excellent” value, so I had to just suck it up and go with good.
In a perfect world, the car would be an even trade with the SUV (the SUV is a year older with 40k more miles than mine).

And let’s not even get INTO how they’re butt raping us on the taxes and title and processing AND tag transfer fees. Good god.
It all came out to be much more than I thought (much more to me might not be much more to you, but this is coming from someone who likes free.. so keep that in mind), so now i’m having to mooch off of my brother and beg him to loan me some money- which he’s willing to do but doesn’t seem too pleased about. Come on! He just got over 21k, he can spare 2k for his little sister and his nephews! Still, I do plan on returning the money.. it’s just going to take a while. I can’t imagine how badly my ass would be bleeding if I tried to get the 2k financed by the dealership… just easier to get it from my brother and pay him back WITHOUT interest. I hate interest. I am not interested in paying any interest.

During all of this haggling and paper pushing, Thomas and I are trying to entertain Holden- who was not happy to be sitting in place the whole time. We tried to keep him occupied with his Elmo Remote (which usually does the trick in the car) and he ended up chucking it across the salesman’s desk, and then at my face. No more Elmo Remote for Holden. Then came the squirming and screaming and crying because we wouldn’t let him eat a pen, or play with the paperwork, or run screaming around the dealership like he wanted to do. And I KNOW he must have been hungry because we were there until 8pm and he is usually done with dinner and in the tub by that time. Fatty is not pleased when he does not get his dinner on time.

It would be nice to walk in, say “here’s my car!” and drive away with my SUV.. never to return again!
Unfortunately, that is not the case, and we’re going to end up spending one more late night there signing more paperwork and dealing with Holden throwing a mega tantrum while his little brother kicks the ever loving shit out of my insides before we can walk away the proud owners of a Mistubishi Outlander.

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