Gah! Stupid cat!!

Holden has now been sleeping in his toddler bed for about a month (give or take.. I can’t really tell time anymore). After all the horror stories i’d heard/read, I really expected his transition from the crib to be a hell of a lot worse.. and especially since he hates change, I was almost certain it wouldn’t be good.
Other than him falling out of bed once a week- it’s been smooth.

As a mom, there’s always things to worry about. Is he warm enough? Cool enough? Suffocating in his blanket? Hanging halfway off the bed?
All kinds of random things run through my mind, and they’re not all unwarranted.

There’s been 3 or 4 times where Thomas has gone to check on him before coming to bed and found Holden with his head in the bed, but legs on the ground, totally passed out. As if he was sleep walking around his room and tried to get back into bed but just couldn’t quite make it back in and gave up.

I think tonight takes the cake for me, though.

Thomas went to the store to get beer for himself (must be nice!) and i’m left here with Holden, who is in bed, but started kicking the wall as soon as Thomas drove away.. so I knew he was at least partially awake. That’s fine, he puts himself to sleep, no big deal.
About 5 minutes go by when I hear this.. crying noise. Or.. it sounded like crying.. but it was muffled.
Holden’s door is closed so I assumed it was him. I got closer to his door, but the noise was still very muffled so I started getting concerned that maybe he was trapped in his blanket.
I try to open the door, and the door is stuck closed (DAMN this heat and expanding doors!!!!)
Panicking, I had to kick the damn thing open.. only to find Holden snuggled up quietly with his stuffed dog.
He made a “huh?” sound, as if to say “what the hell are you doing in here?” and I realized i’d made a horrible mistake! Way to wake the baby, Jenny! Smart one! I walk over, rub his head and tell him to go back to sleep, and walk back out of his room.

The crying starts again, only it’s coming from the living room.

I knew then it was the stupid ass cats. Always doing something loud and obnoxious. I see Puss (the boy cat) looking out the front window, and the crying noise has now turned to howling and it’s coming from Pooter, the girl cat, who is hidden behind the front curtain.
I pull the curtain back and what do I see? Orange cat on the other side of the window. Howling at Pooter, who is howling/growling/hissing back.
Stupid orange cat. It is ALWAYS in our yard, trying to get under our house. Usually I don’t mind, I think it’s kind of funny the orange cat gets my cats so worked up.. but this time it caused me to just about kick Holden’s door down.
This means WAR!

Cat howling & baby crying.. who knew they sounded so much alike???

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  • We had a moment recently where our van door actually sounded like “crying”. We both looked at Ally and she was SOUND ASLEEP. D said he was looking at her the whole time and it wasn’t hurt, so it had to be the door. LOL