There are certain things that I love, but don’t eat or drink very often.. probably because they’re terrible for me, but I love that they’re always there when I want them.

Recently I have noticed that ALL of these things have disappeared off the face of the earth never to be seen again. You never take away a preggo’s favorite snacks!

High and low I search, and it used to be that if I looked hard enough I could find these things- but not anymore. This makes me very very sad.

Example #1:

Tropicana Peach Papaya Drink.
It is so hard to find that it seems mythical in its existance.. and this is the only picture I can really even find of it:

Just looking at the picture makes my mouth salivate with excitement: it is really that good. Others must not have agreed (although anyone I ever got to try it became instantly addicted) because after NOT being able to find it for months, Thomas went to the Tropicana website only to find out that it was being “Phased Out” last year. NOOOOOOOO! Where will I get my fruity (fake fruity, it contains only a smidgen of pear extract or something ridiculous like that) fix from now on?? The other flavors left suck my ass. How could one be SO amazing and disappear, and the other nasty ones that make your tongue dry out still be left for public consumption? It makes no sense to me.
And since i’m not rich and rolling in money, it isn’t like I can have them whip up a crate just for me. Not like they’d do that anyways. Blah.
Now I have to find some other fake fruit drink to quench my thirst… but I doubt that will happen.

Example #2:

Reeses Bites:

My favorite candy of all time is anything by the Reeses company. Cups, pieces, mini-cups.. but the Reeses Bites by FAR trumped anything else ever made. The chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio was awe inducing in its perfection.. and when they started to get a little melty- WATCH OUT! I could literally sit down and eat an entire bag in one sitting. Disgusting, but true. No other candy kept me coming back for more like the Reeses Bites.
It used to be that you could find HUGE bags at the grocery store, or little bags at the gas stations.. or even tiny bags in “To-Go” size everywhere.. but suddenly, they are gone.
The last time I even saw them was in a run down Roses department store (if you have those near you, you know just how run down I mean) when I was pregnant with Holden. They were mostly likely a year old.. but they were amazing nonetheless.
I hear rumors now and then that people see them at their local Movie Theatre, but I think it’s all Urban Legend and dummies are getting the big bag’o pieces mixed up with the bites and leading me on. I missmy fattening balls of peanut butter chocolate melty fantastic goodness! Even if they make my mild legume allergy flare up- they are well worth it.

So what to do with my need for these delicious foods now?? When you’re pregnant, and you want something- NOTHING, even a discontinuation, can stop you from wanting/needing/craving them. Not being able to find them fuels the fire even farther.
On top of all that, Taco Bell getting rid of the Chicken Bacon Club Chalupa after like.. a week.. and McDonalds only ever TESTING their fantastic Raspberry Milkshake during the time when Finding Nemo was in the theatres is enough to send me over the edge.


Somewhere, there has to be a convenience store that still carries this stuff. I don’t care how old, crusty or dusty it is. I’ll eat/drink it! Or even a website.. I know I found one a while back that carried all the sugary shit you ate as a child but can’t find in stores anymore.. they HAVE to have the bites!
Or that’s what i’ll keep telling myself.

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  • Man!!!! That Chicken Club Chalupa was AMAZING!!!

    I don’t know why they got rid of it. Probably because they couldn’t afford the cost of bacon. :o{

    We will find these things. Peach-papaya was “Phased Out” not ELIMINATED! It’s out there somewhere.

  • pssshhh

    ‘phased out’ is the nice way of saying “ITS GONE. FUCK YOU!”

  • I was just saying that somewhere has to have it. 😀

    Somewhere there might be a case in a storage room.

  • LOL I consider this one of your “crazy posts”. I mean that in the best way possible. 😛

    I am kind of meh on the peach papaya. Not a fan of the fruit papaya(though I guess I might like the fake papaya in that drink lol). The world may never know!! 😉

    Reese’s, good grief those peanut butter cups are GOOD!!! I’ve had the pieces but Idk that I ever tried the bites!!

    And yes, the chicken club chalupa was pretty good. It’s been gone for a while around here! We have this VOLCANO menu or something going on. No, thanks. LOL

  • Maranda Foster May 20, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    I need to know what (if any) replacement you’ve decided on for Peach Papaya. This was my favorite drink! Some days, like today, nothing else seems to be good enough. I still regularly send tropicana emails requesting they bring it back.

    • Y’know, I did find a somewhat adequate replacement, but it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find (ugh!) and I can’t recall the name. It’s another peach papaya type drink, I think even from Tropicana or Snapple. I’ll see if I can figure it out and let you know haha