Where are you now, Mom?

that is most definitely not a vagina between those legs.

Apparently I was just fooling myself.

To make matters worse, I was told my baby has excess fluid on his brain, which may or may not clear up on its own. If it doesn’t? It’s not good.
What an awesome day.

Posted on April 22, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 8 Comments
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  • Hope everything works itself out…stay positive. Not really sure what to say about the non-vagina except that I hope you’re feeling okay about it.

  • kyra had excess fluid on the brain and it cleared up so it really isnt anything to worry about.

  • Stupid penis.

    Heh. My verification word is lobalum.

    Low. Ball. Them.

  • Congratulations, He will be just as adorable as Holden is.

  • im sorry. i shouldve read this before asking a question on myspace. im sure evrythng will wrk out. and now u have an excuse for a 3rd

  • You have another beautiful baby that you are lucky enough to be blessed with. There are couples out there trying their hardest to conceive and never get to have a baby of their own. Thank God and quit complaining. Would you want this child years from now to read this blog where you are complaining about his sex and how you no longer feel like your mother is watching over you BECAUSE OF HIM? Maybe your mother sent you another boy for a reason. Think of that.

  • hey anonymous, quit bitching because i’m human with REAL feelings, unlike yourself. I can and will feel however I feel, there is no control over that.
    so shut the fuck up and get off my blog.

  • That is an amazing shot of the baby. Congratulations.