Stuck in the Yuck

This past week has just been a downright nasty week. Not just for me, but for Holden too. It could be because the weather is so crazy, going from 75 one day, to 40 the next.. and pollen is just shitting all over the place (and thanks to my genes, i’m allergic!), but I am feeling bogged down.

Exhausted, kind of nauseous all day, boogery, stuffy, going to bed with headaches and waking up with headaches. As fat as i’m going to be this summer, I am ready for spring to END.

Holden’s not fairing too well either. I’m not too sure if he has allergies, or if he’s sick, or if he’s teething. All he has left to get are his two year molars, and since he’s been early to get EVERY other tooth- it seems about the right time to be getting those. Runny nose, slight fever, sleeplessness, those can all be signs of teething.. but can also be signs of allergies (like mine) or a stinkin’ cold.
Little kids are totally impossible to figure out. They can’t TELL you what’s bothering them, so you play a guessing game.
So far, nothing seems to be helping Holden’s snotty fussy irritability issues. We’ve tried saline drops, motrin, allergy medicine (no not all at the same time) and not a single one seems to even make a dent in the boogery mess that is him this past week.

With me not feeling well, and him not feeling well- it’s not been a super pleasant house during the day. I’m probably on his nerves because I don’t want to read him books all day, and he’s on mine for being a defiant boogery little turd (more than usual).

I’m, for now, blaming pollen.. and maybe a little of the blame might swing towards molars.

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  • At least his nose is running clear for the most part. There have been a couple green boogs in there, but sporadically. They say that clear boogs are good boogs.

    He really just might be teething, it would explain a lot of his irritability and his biting of the fingers.