The Sea World Splash Zone

Every summer as a child, my family and I would make the trip to Florida and stay for something like 6 weeks. Every summer, we went to Sea World.
One of the clearest memories I have is going to see the Walrus show, and sitting in what we did not know was the “splash zone.”
Cut to about 15 minutes in, and i’m covered in Walrus spit, screaming bloody murder, and a neighbor gave me his poncho. I wore the poncho for the rest of the day and swore never to go back to that show again.

Since then, I still love amusement parks, especially rollercoasters. I suppose you could say i’m a rollercoaster junkie. Being pregnant puts a little kink in that, but there will be more times!

My beloved SeaWorld in Orlando is opening a new ride called the “Manta” (short for Manta Ray i’m sure) and it seriously looks like the coolest thing ever.
To celebrate this opening, they’re holding a contest of sorts to either give you a free picture of your ride on the Manta (you know, the super unattractive ones of you screaming like a little girl), or get a “Front of the Line” pass (and with lines being 2 hours long+, that’s a good prize to win!)

It’s easy to win, too. All you do is visit ridethemanta.com and to win the free pictures, you choose two of the activities in the “Participate and Win” section, and to win the “Front of the Line” pass, you do all six. Every activity is easy. You can take a quiz, submit a picture to flickr of you holding or wearing something that says “I Heart Manta”, Get three friends to sign up and “fill your row”, even follow the Manta on Twitter. Simple.

Do it, ride it, tell me how it is!


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