Rule #1

Never leave Krispy Kreme donuts alone with a preggo. Just don’t do it. It isn’t fair. There is no way to resist their sugary fattening deliciousness. The brain can not compute the word “no”

And HOT donuts? Torture. Hot donuts have to be the absolute tastiest thing on the face of the earth.
You know how I know Dunkin Donuts sucks compared to Krispy Kreme?
Because they know they suck. To the point where they’re building a new one down the street and there is a banner with pictures of what they sell, and guess what is absent? Donuts. There are NO DONUTS in the Dunkin Donuts banner! Just coffee and a breakfast sandwich. That’s how you know their donuts suck. They won’t even advertise them because they know it’s pointless.

I am glad krispy kreme is relatively far away.. or i’d be enormous and disgusting and probably die from clogged arteries in a year. The smell of hot donuts alone will make you gain a pound.

Speaking of.. I think a chocolate covered glazed is calling my name (I TOLD YOU TO TAKE THEM TO WORK THOMAS, AND YOU JUST COULDN’T LISTEN!!!!)

Posted on April 20, 2009 by Holdin' Holden 3 Comments
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  • mmm…donuts…{{insert slobbery sound Homer Simpson makes here}}

  • Yep, donuts are evil. Not even once a week here!! I try to not get them once a month bc I hate seeing things go to waste and feel like I should eat it, so it’s best to not have them around at all unless you buy them individually!!

  • THERE WEREN’T ENOUGH. There were only two whole donuts left. I have 4 co-workers.

    Boo. Damn they were tasty.