Ok Steve Perry, I get the point!

Growing up, I can remember all kinds of music my mom listened to. My Dad’s nickname for her was the “Disco Queen.” Since I was born in the ’80’s, she was past that phase, and onto fabulous 80’s music.. which went hand in hand with 80’s hair (for the both of us unfortunately. I will never forget those bangs).

Some of her favorites were Bon Jovi (because they were dreaaaaaamy), Aerosmith (she loved Steven Tyler.. his mouth scared me), and of course.. Journey.

The ONLY band she went as far as to make me learn their songs on piano, though, was Journey. Every day, we sat down at the piano, she’d pull out the sheet music, and sing (nasally and ever so slightly off-key) ‘Open Arms’ as I clumsily played the notes. I think she even had my older cousin learn the music and play it, too.

My memory of my childhood is very sharp and clear in some places, but very very fuzzy in others- but the ONE thing I remember vividly about my mother is that her favorite song of ALL TIME was ‘Open Arms’ by Journey, with ‘Faithfully’ coming in a close second. So much so, that when her funeral came about, and we were told to pick a song, ‘Open Arms’ immediately came to mind even though I hadn’t heard it in years.

While Journey is still getting a little radio play because everyone is suddenly re-obsessed with “Don’t Stop Believin'”, I still don’t hear it too often because i’m not in the car that much, and “Open Arms”? Hardly EVER.

As I said in the past few entries, lately.. every time I turn on the radio, every time I pop on the tv.. there’s Journey songs blasting in my face.
It’s getting almost ridiculous. What the hell is my mom trying to tell me that is so important??

Just a few examples of the 50 times i’ve heard them in the past few weeks:

Shopping for baby stuff in the thrift store: “Open Arms” starts playing
Turn on American Idol: they’re singing “Don’t stop believin'” as a group ridiculous thing
Turn on the radio today: it’s TALK RADIO and someone calls in and says “Journey! Don’t Stop Believin!”

It may seem like nothing to you, just pure coincidense, but when I go from never ever hearing Journey (especially my mom’s #1 song), to hearing it constantly now that i’m pregnant (and due on her birthday with a practically impossible conception date, mine you), seems like my mom is blatantly and obviously trying to tell me something (again, i’ve said this before, I know). It’s really starting to freak me out. It is SO often that I can’t just write it off as pure coincidense or chance anymore.
Is something very bad about to happen? Does it have to do with this baby? I thought it might have been about the family drama recently, but since that’s done with, and i’m still hearing Steve Perry’s piercing voice all over the damn place, it has to be something else- and something big.

Now, I don’t want to walk around seeing dead people, but I sure wish I were a medium right now so I could just say:

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  • What she might be trying to tell you is.. Hey, YOU’RE HAVING THE SPAWN OF SATAN!!!!

    Or, it could be that it is all coincidental and you are imaging it all.

    Or, it could be something to let you know she is around. Who knows. Only time will tell (or maybe it wont).

  • you make no sense.
    if either of the two- baby would be jesus and not satan

    i’m not imagining it (or, imaging it, as you said) because YOUVE BEEN THERE FOR 95% OF THE OCCURRENCES!


  • Oh wow, I can feel the love between you two. It’s beautiful. *sniffles*

    Do you ever feel alone sometimes, even when you’re out with Holden? Maybe she’s just trying to let you know that she’s always with you. I don’t think you’re IMAGING it at all. Not at all. 😉