Oh SH*T!

It seems that among ALL the things Thomas and I say on a daily basis, aaaall the words we say repeatedly that Holden understands but doesn’t repeat- he has picked a favorite to say all day long.


Sometimes it sounds like “IT”, sometimes it sounds like “SIT”, but I can tell he’s trying to say “SHIT” and just doesn’t have the ‘sh’ sound mastered.

So we went from “Oh Snap!” to “Oh Dang!” to “Oh Shit!”

The only thing I can do now, is not give the world any value- because like all other funny phrases he’s learned in the past (‘bunghole’, ‘I didn’t do it!’ etc) it will most likely be a week or two before he gives up on this one.

I’ll admit, the first… 6 times, I laughed. The 5 times after that I looked at him funny.. but the more he says it, the more I want him to STOP saying it. Can’t he find something more productive to say?
It isn’t like I run around the house yelling “OH SHIT!” all the time.. I can only remember saying it once in recent past, and that’s when one of the cats scratched the hell out of his face yesterday, and he was saying it for a few days before that so I don’t think he got it from me.

In a way, it isn’t as bad as bunghole. When he got addicted to that word, he would call random strangers “BUNGHOLE!” if they got near him. And it was very very clear he was saying ‘bunghole’ so there was no avoiding that.

The “Oh Shit” debacle of ’09 can at least be played off as a dozen other words. And at least it isn’t as offensive as him saying something like “fuck you!”… THAT would have to be nipped in the bud immediately.

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  • Oh Zits! Let’s get him some Clearasil.

    Eh. It’s just that stage in the game now. He will imitate every single thing we do. Biting nails, words, phrases, etc. So, it shouldn’t be long.

  • HA! We had a friend over for dinner the other night and I don’t remember why this came up in conversion now but he said, “Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!” So of course Emily shouted it over and over and giggled hysterically. Whoops.

  • rofl laura!! Holden used to get really excited and say “ticka ticka ticka”, but when he started learning s and D sounds it came out as