The name game

Not exactly sure why, but for some reason- the perfect girl names seem to just fall into Thomas’ and my lap and say “USE ME!”
It happened when I was pregnant with Holden, and then about 6 months before I got pregnant the second time it happened again with another girl name that we liked even MORE than the first one.

Boy names? Yeah… not so much. While it took us longer to come up with Holden’s name than the original girl name we’d picked, the middle name was a whole other ballpark. It took months of toying around with all kinds of names, and we were having trouble finding ANYTHING we really liked enough to name our child- even if only just a middle name.

One day we just happened upon the name Milo, and instantly we knew that would be Holden’s middle name. It just felt right. That’s really how you know it’s the perfect name- when it FEELS right. You say it without a “meh” feeling after doing so.
I can understand those who don’t want a name a child until it’s born to make sure the name truly fits.. I really don’t think I could wait that long to decide! My kid would end up with a drugged up name like my childhood friend Nacole.. yes, Nacole, it was meant to be Nicole, but mama’s epidural was a tad strong.
Anyways, we were very proud and happy with our name selection so immediately we went out and told everyone. 99% positive reactions. Gotta love validation. I’m not saying everyone ACTUALLY loved the name, but at least if they didn’t they kept it to themselves.

The one negative reaction? Good ol’ Dad. Upon hearing Holden’s name: “It sucks! Change it!”

While other peoples opinions really shouldn’t matter when it comes to the name of your crotch blossom, it’s still a hurtful thing to hear from family. It didn’t change our minds though, that’s for sure. It did, however, make me think twice about telling everyone the name of our next child (whenever that was to happen, little did I know it would be so soon).

Being pregnant again with another boy meant the entire name dilemma all over again (since we already had the perfect name for a girl picked out a long time ago). I kept thinking “Damn, should have gave Holden a different middle name” because I love the name Milo as a first name. Too late to change it now!

Randomly, I started making a list of names that I liked for boys (even before finding out the gender) and writing them down as I came across them.
Of course, Thomas hated about 75% of the list. The rest he was just sort of “meh” about, and i’m not the type to name a kid something only I like.
Back to the drawing board.

Funny thing is, the perfect name for baby boy #2 hit us while making fun of baby name books in Burlington Coat Factory. Thomas said it out loud and I thought “… Yeah.. I really like that. That works”

Middle name is a work in progress. I think we’ve found one we really like. I am dead set on it being a musical middle name, I know that for sure.. and there’s a very short list of what I deem to be acceptable musical names. HYMEN?? who would name their kid that?? Yes, it’s musical.. but think about it people, what is the first meaning that comes to your mind when you think of the word HYMEN?
Dangerous territory there!
Neither of the names we have picked are anywhere near that controversial, that’s for sure.

Am I going to announce the name here? No way in hell! Not until he’s born and safely at home (at least, that’s the plan).

I learned from my experience last time, that the best thing to do is just to keep the name to yourself. That way, no one has a chance to tell you how much it sucks or how much they don’t like it, which may skew your opinion on a name you really love, until it’s set in stone. Can’t change it once it’s on that birth certificate (well.. I mean.. you can.. but it’s a bitch)!

The most important thing is just to make sure it’s a name YOU love. If it’s something you love, go with it (unless it’s something like Chlamydia or something that outrageous, then do NOT go with it). In the end, it’s your opinion that matters. As far as getting teased for a name? I think no matter what you name your child, even if the most plain old granola name in existence, even if you think there’s no way they can get made fun of? Kids will find something else to make fun of. Ears, freckles, knees, something. So make your kid’s name something you love and stop paining over it so much!

Words to live by people.

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  • gosh you suck! i want to know the name! we almost named Brayden Barrett but then my dad was like we can call him barry for short and that was the end of that name! it took so long for us to agree on Braydens name i have no idea what we will do if we have another boy later on because elliott hates all the names i love and i hate all the ones he wants!

  • I believe that we have a pretty good one picked out. We did it rather quickly too. 🙂

    You know, I dont think it really matters what other people think. I knwo that we loved Holden’s name, and I know a lot of people who love it now. 😀

    Same will go with …. the new baby’s name. 🙂

  • I showed your blog to a friend at work and she said “THAT BABY HAS A BIG DONG!”

    She didn’t know it was an umbilical cord either. =)

  • You and your hubby are exactly the opposite of me and mine. Thank goodness we had a boy because we couldn’t agree on girl names for the life of us!

    My sister finds out what she’s having in June and has put off baby naming until then. That’s because her idiot (I say that with love) husband keeps throwing out names like Roxanne, Bonnie, and Malakath…yep, Malakath.