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Right now, many of my friends are working hard to get back into shape, or to shave off a few pounds. For me, i’m just trying NOT to gain ridiculous amounts of weight like I did with Holden.

Currently, BeeWell Miles is offering a way to not only better yourself and your lifestyle, but to help those effected by breast cancer at the same time.
From 4/1/09-10/31/09, Bumble Bee Foods will donate $0.15 per mile for every mile logged at BeeWellMiles.com (up to $200,000) to help Breast Cancer Network of Strength provide emotional support to those who can’t wait for tomorrow’s cure.

At Beewellmiles.com you can find support from nutritionists who can help you find the right things to eat, to coaches who can show you the right moves to get you into shape, to even a community where you can share what works for you, as well as read what works for others.. All while supporting an amazing cause. There’s even a tool that calculates the mileage of your daily walk (if you take daily walks).
Not to mention, each day you log your miles or game codes from pink Bumble Bee cans, you could instantly win one of 15,000 prizes.

As a member of a family effected by breast cancer, and someone who’s trying to stay in shape- this opportunity is win-win for me. I suggest you check it out, too!


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