Karate Kickin’

Being pregnant with Holden was trying. And not because of the high blood pressure, or the swelling, or the contractions.. but because the little turd was STRONG and literally beat the leaving hell out of my insides.
I didn’t feel him kick until 20 weeks, but once he started, he never stopped. He was active constantly. And as the weeks went on he just got stronger and stronger, to the point where i’d cry at night because he was running his knees along the outside of my stomach and it hurt so badly I couldn’t sleep. Those were not good nights. I never had the issue some women complain about, where the kid jabs into their ribs- Holden was just too low for that.. but I feel he made up for it in that he would dance on my bladder for hours at a time. Never a comfortable feeling. There were even times where I swore he was going to kick his way right through my cervix and he’d just drop right out.

Yes, feeling a baby move around is a pretty cool experience- but every single part of me was hoping this baby would be more laid back in the womb. Just relax, chill, and not kick my ass from the inside.
I started feeling little flutters probably around 12 weeks, nothing to get excited about, very well could have been gas. Started feeling little thumps and bumps around 14 weeks, very sporadically, still- nothing to get excited about. This IS my 2nd time around, so I know what to look for as far as how to know it’s baby kicking and not a gas bubble (unlike with Holden, where I don’t think I felt ANYTHING, literally anything, until 20 weeks).
This week? Kicks. Hard kicks. Kicks I can see on the outside of my stomach. And not even 17 weeks along.

Three weeks may not seem like much, but I am now concerned for my uterus and my organs and my bladder. If this kid is 3 weeks stronger than Holden, i’m in deep shit. I’ll be pissing myself at the end of pregnany from him stomping my bladder like an empty can.
I really didn’t think it could be possible for any baby to be a stronger kicker than Holden. Even now, Holden kicks the shit out of things, and it’s not fun when he drops a heel on you. Is this kid going to get bigger than Holden, and show him who’s boss? Sure, Holden needs a little reality check, but seriously, bigger than Holden? He’d be a walking wall.
I just need to stop that line of thinking altogether. I’m going to scare my va-jay into not wanting to push this sucker out in fear of his gargantuan size.

Before bed, i’m going to cross my fingers and wish for a small baby. SMALL BABY. Mama can’t handle 2 episiotimies again.. or.. more… ew.

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  • I don’t know if they can actually give you more than that. I would fear that it would never heal.

    I would hope that this baby is going to be different than Holden. I wouldn’t want him to be bigger. I was talking about Holden at work yesterday and this lady whom just had a baby 3 weeks ago asked how big he was. Oh.. 31lbs almost 3ft tall. Dear god, she says, he’s about as big as my three year old. Yeah. He’s big.

    Maybe we will be the antithesis to Holden. Calm, quiet, small. Who knows, I guess we’ll see.

  • I don’t want to get your hopes up because of course there are ALWAYS exceptions, but I have often witnessed second kids born after a loud/strong/go-getter being quieter and easier to handle. I don’t know if it’s just the odds of birth, or whether they come out, see their competition and just figure it’s easier to give up. lol This is one of the things keeping me in the mood to have one more. The mythical Zen baby I’ve heard so much about!

    btw, I’m glad to hear the fluid thing cleared up! =)

  • Well, as I’ve been telling my sister, they mean it when they say “your baby is what you eat.” I ate whatever the hell I wanted (Like greasy Mongolian BBQ every other day) and got one big fat baby. Soooo….you could always go on a rice and beans diet???