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I would tell anyone who is pregnant that an amazing ‘investment’ of sorts, is to go out and get yourself a 4d ultrasound of your baby. ESPECIALLY to those who are feeling disappointed in the gender of their growing lump of baby goodness.
Instead of focusing on whether or not your baby is packing heat- you actually get to SEE your child, and in a way, get to know them unlike a regular 2d ultrasound. It allows you to stop concentrating on what you didn’t get- and instead see what you are getting- a gorgeous little replica of yourself. Regardless of gender, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who said they didn’t immediately fall in love with their baby upon being able to actually see it. It brings reality into the mix. It’s hard to explain, but trust me, it works.

We got it done with Holden at 16 weeks (and 32), and while I was sad he wasn’t a girl, it was impossible not to love his tiny little face- and the ultrasound tech told me she could tell he was going to be a cuddler from the way he was cuddling his umbilical cord and sucking his thumb- and she was absolutely right (although he doesn’t suck his thumb, I make damn sure of that).

The pictures we got of baby #2 are even better than the ones we got of Holden. The quality is astonishing. I can already tell he’s going to be stubborn, just like his big brother. I hope he’s just as snuggly though.

Allow me to share a few:

This is his desperate attempt to hide his face- which he did the entire time regardless of how much we poked at him to move

Finally moved that damn hand, but rolled over so we couldn’t get a shot of his face:

Big ol’ Pumpkin head, “Whoville” nose and creepy smile

Looks a lot like his big brother here:

I could keep posting for days, as she gave us tons, but just one last thing to share- which I think is the coolest thing by far: a video of him kicking my insides

He looks kind of like a skinny little featherless chicken with a ginormous head- but seeing him like that definitely helped to soften the blow of him having wood the entire ultrasound.

About the fluid on the brain: being that this was a “for fun” ultrasound, and the studio is not affiliated with any doctor’s office, and really aren’t even allowed to do anything diagnostic- all I know is that the nurse noticed excess fluid on his brain. She said since it’s still so early, it will most likely go away on its own, but she told me to call my doctor and they’d probably want to scan me before my 20 week anatomy scan next month to keep an eye on it. If it doesn’t go away, it could mean a lot of bad things I won’t go into right now.
I called my doctor the next day, and while they didn’t put a lot of weight behind what she said- it obviously sent up a red flag because they scheduled me for an ultrasound Monday morning just to take a quick look.
I’m worried, but i’m trying not to get too worked up about it until there are definite answers, or concern from my doctor.

I was told all kinds of crazy things while pregnant with Holden during ultrasounds, and NONE of them were true- so i’m hoping the excess fluid goes that way as well.

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  • FAIL!!!! Anonymous.

    See this thread entrirely consists of acceptance of what you get. 🙂

    He seems to be a kicker like Holden, let’s hope that he is not as painful as Holden was. :o\

    There are some really good shots in those photos. Baby will have Holden’s (and your) upper lip. 🙂

  • Haha okay. I know this is creepy to say and weird but (assuming I’m not seeing things) that penis on your widget looks so BIG to be a baby’s. It makes me lol every time I see it.

  • ROFL you aren’t seeing things, that’s an umbilical cord!

  • You’re not the only weird one, Anonymous!!

    I was going to tell you the day before your u/s that it looked like the baby in the widget on your blog had a penis! LOL