It…. moved?

I’m not referring to kicking. I’m referring to… well.. i’m not really sure.

Monday is the day when I take my weekly belly picture to watch myself morph once again into a waddling hippopotamus. Yes, the progression has been a bit strange, but it’s been on track as far as shape goes. Sounds weird, but I suppose when you grow, you grow evenly.. so you know what to expect the next week. Same shape, bigger in size.

Not this week. I’m baffled. More proof that this child is just not normal, not following the laws of physics or probability.

last week I had exploded and looked like this:

Cut to this morning, I didn’t notice anything different until I uploaded the picture and looked at it compared to the previous:

It moved up? And got.. smaller on the bottom?

Even now as i’m looking at it i’m (unsuccessfully i’m sure) raising one eyebrow because it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me how this happened.
I wouldn’t consider that ‘popping’, it’s a little early for that. I’d consider it WEIRD. Pure weird.

Maybe I was just really disgustingly bloated last week. I’ll take tummy #2 over tummy #1 any day. I hate being lumpy with Holden for so long.

Still, I find it weird to look at those two pictures and see them as the same pregnancy- they certainly don’t look like it. Especially not being one week apart.

First it was testing positive on Fri the 13th, then finding out i’m due on my mom’s birthday.. then hearing Journey EVERYWHERE.. no morning sickness, huge boobs early.. and now the unusually morphing stomach.
What’s next??? Anyone??

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