I don’t think I should ever make..

Grilled cheese ever again.

No, it didn’t suck. It was absolutely fantastic..

Usually when I make Holden a sandwich, i’ll use one piece of bread and make it open faced if it’s a deli-meat sandwich, or cut one slice in half and make it that way if it’s PB&J. For grilled cheese, I couldn’t see doing anything but making a full sandwich.. so I not only made him one, but myself too (if i’m gonna go through all the damn trouble, I might as well partake in the deliciousness too).
The problem lies in the fact that Holden only ate a little over half of his sandwich (which is WAY more than his usual less than half).. leaving the rest sitting on his plate in all its’ melty gooey goodness and I couldn’t help but to eat it. I tried to be good by tearing most of the ‘meat’ of the sandwich off and only eating the crust, and then he wanted the crust so I passed him that and started eating what he wasn’t off of his tray.

THIS is how moms get fat after losing all the baby weight. Your kid starts table food, and you don’t want that shit to go to waste so you end up eating what they leave. Usually I never do this.. then again, I don’t usually (or should I say ever) make grilled cheese. I might give myself a pass, just this once.. or at least until my next appointment where they call me a fat ass and ask me what the hell i’m eating because i’ve gained a massive amount of weight- then i’ll think back to this day and curse myself for ever eating Holden’s scraps.

DAMN YOU delicious grilled cheese sandwich! Damn you to hell!

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  • So true! I’ve actually stopped eating my own breakfast and lunch and I just share with Emily only now. Before I was eating her scraps in addition to my food too like you said! It’s helping a bit. I feel like I have to since she’s a HUGE food waster. Sometimes she will only take one bite of something and that’s the end of it.

    From the latest belly pics I’ve seen of you though I think you’re doing great! I can’t imagine any OBGYN nurse giving you a hard time about weight gain.

  • I’ve learned to give up and toss the food, or save it, even if it doesn’t seem like a lot.

    I’m def. not packing on the pounds like I did with Holden.. but the exercising is sort of taking a toll, belly is NOT happy trying to fight against muscle to grow.
    I fear BLOWING UP during the 2nd trimester but I can’t resist the ‘craving’ for a burger.

  • I used to do that too until I started trying to lose weight. Now I don’t eat her food. I eat my own food and what she doesn’t eat either gets tossed out/put away or D can eat if it he wants it. 😛

    You look great! Keep doing what you can and I’m sure you’ll be fine!!