Growing Pains

Today is one of those days where I look at my baby and realize… he isn’t one! He is a little boy, a toddler, his own human being with his own VERY distinct personality.. his own goofy traits and habits.
Why the realization?

Holden is no longer sleeping in a crib.

After about an hour of Thomas cursing the world and all its’ earthly inhabitants trying to put the damn thing together- there it was in place of where the crib once was. Holden’s room looks so much different.. it’s taken on a different life. No more high-up confining baby prison. Now he can come and go as he pleases.. which may not be such a good thing.

All day he’s treated the bed more like a toy than anything. Getting in and out of it. Taking his toys into it and playing with them there. Standing in it (talk about making a mommy nervous). Cuddling his blankets.
My main concern was that he wouldn’t see it was something to sleep in. That as soon as Thomas put him down, he’d pop right back up and be at the door whining for someone to let him out (we put a baby gate at the door, no way in hell am I letting Holden roam the house while I sleep).

I have prepared myself for a long night. I do not expect it to go well, but am hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
In my head I picture just falling asleep (it takes me a while) when I am startled awake by a loud thump and a “WHAAAAAAAAAAA”
When I was little, I was notorious for falling out of my bed. Sometimes from dreams, sometimes on purpose just to get attention. Something tells me Holden might be exactly the same.

So far, all we’ve heard is a medium thump- made by Holden whacking his bulbous noggin’ on the wall. There’s no more bumpers to cushion the blow!

Maybe my big boy will be the big boy he is and sleep the night away without any issues. I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

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  • I hope he sleeps all night!! I still haven’t tried austin in his toddler bed yet, too nervous!!! And the fact that he will be able to get in & out on his own!!

  • thanks!
    so far so good. Only that first bump and nothing since.. although, he is sneaky and could easily be playing with his toys in the dark.

    All about taking that leap of faith!
    I have a strict schedule of getting Holden out of his crib & diapers before the new baby gets here

  • I have been surprised so far, I expected him to open his door once at least. Nothing, but I do worry about his little baby neck hanging over the side of the bed. Eeeee.

    We will see when I open his door to check on him. 🙂

  • What I have been doing with the toddler bed is letting her fall asleep in bed with me (or laying down next to her in her bed) until she falls asleep and then transferring her into her bed. She lasts almost the whole night usually.

  • At some point, they all have to learn to be aware of the surroundings-just like we are aware enough ourselves to keep from falling out of bed. Sounds like he is doing good though! I hope things keep going well! Smart move with the baby gate. We just trust that Ally will come into our room when she wakes, which she does. Maybe it’s just her, idk!

    The diapers thing is proving to be slow moving here. She went pee at Wal-Mart today and has gone countless other times, but getting a schedule set has been hard. 🙁