Gas? Kicking? Not much of a difference if you ask me.

At this point in pregnancy, there are plenty of women claiming to feel their babies kick up a storm in-utero.
There are some I don’t doubt, especially those who have felt it before (as in, this is their second + pregnancy), but as a first time mommy it is SO easy to confuse ‘kicking’ with gas. Especially this early, and the baby is so small that all you might feel is a tiny little ‘thump’ or ‘blub.’

As of yet, there isn’t a single time that I can POSITIVELY say I have felt the baby move. I have my suspicions here and there.. like when a little thump isn’t followed by a fart or my stomach growling, but nothing I can be 100% on.
Hell, with Holden, I didn’t even feel him kick until I was 20 weeks along, and could SEE the kicks on the outside of my stomach. Still, even I know that kicking feels an awful lot like gas bubbles until they get so big that they’re dragging elbows along your bladder and playing with your ribcage.

Another good way to determine ‘baby vs. gas’ is going by Fundal Height. Strange term.. but it’s basically how high your uterus has grown up from your pelvic bone. At 14 weeks, your fundal height should be 14cm (give or take 2cm) from the top of your pelvic bone. Otherwise, the growth is really fucked up and somethin’ weird is going on, I digress though.
It always makes me giggle when someone about as far along as me (or less) says “OMG I FELT THE BABY KICKING NEAR MY BELLYBUTTON!”
No, honey, you didn’t. You felt a good ol’ gas bubble. Baby is down there playing near your cervix, not your navel.

I know it’s hard not to get swept up in it and to want to believe “YAY BABY IS KICKING!” but at this point, more than likely the answer is no, baby is not kicking.. well, not that you or I can feel anyways. The majority of us just aren’t lucky enough to feel a baby moving before 18 weeks, which sucks, because as morning sickness subsides, you begin to feel like there’s no confirmation of pregnancy anymore.. other than your expanding hips, fat ass, and swollen boobs- but that could just be PMS.

My take? Enjoy not getting your ass kicked from the inside while it lasts. Soon enough- if your baby is anywhere near as active as Holden was, you’ll be pushing in heels and bony little knees that are protruding from your sides, crying because you can’t sleep (babies seem to be nocturnal in the womb), and pissing yourself ’cause your little one is doing a tapdance on your bladder.. so take the peacefulness while it’s still here and run!

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  • It’ll be soon enough. I remember the great times that we had videotaping Holden smashing your insides around. Hopefully, this baby can be nice and at least let you get some sleep. 🙂

  • I didn’t feel regular kicking until the 3rd trimester. I hated that there was no conformation like you said because every time I went in for a doc visit I expected them not to be able to find a heart beat or something. Maybe I was too pessimistic.

  • You know, I never felt gas bubbles until AFTER being pregnant!! Never even noticed them at all before that! So maybe what I THOUGHT was her at just over 18 weeks along might have been a GAS BUBBLE! We’ll never know, but I do know I was feeling it the month after bc D was experiencing it too-something I didn’t think would happen since I was overweight!! Idk that it was ever “regular” kicking for me though! She would definitely seem to get more active just as I went to bed-WHY?! LOL

  • Yeah you’re right about the “near the cervix” thing. For the very first time I am positive that today I felt my baby kicking me from the inside and that it’s not gas. I felt it deep, and yeah, it feels like it’s near the cervix.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences!