Daddy’s neon lil’ slugger!

As much as I love shopping, whether it be for myself or for Holden or even for Thomas- I have to say- I strongly dislike shopping for baby boys.

Allow me to elaborate.

The infant boys/toddler boys sections of stores seriously get the shaft. Unless you’re really into sports and love things that say “Daddy’s little SLUGGER!” and has baseballs barfed all over them, or footballs, or soccer balls, or tugboats, or fishing poles.. Or you really like hideous neon colored way-too-cutesy crap, shopping for boys can really be a crap shoot.

I learned this the first time with Holden. There really isn’t much that I see that I would EVER put him in, leaving me with very little to choose from. Old navy is pretty good as far as not having too much sports-related neon barfy clothes, but when it comes to the cute stuff- it’s usually more expensive for one item than i’d like to spend. So then you have to hit the super sales, and you never really know if you’re going to find anything in your little guy’s size.

You look over to the girls section, and EVERYTHING is adorable. They also have twice the selection of shoes. You start to wonder why boys clothes can’t be that cute? Why they always have to cater to sports or dinosaurs (though I suppose dinosaurs aren’t all that bad, but it gets old)?

What you realize later is that if you HAD happened to have given birth to a girl, you’d probably be bankrupt. Or I would be at least. I don’t think i’d be able to help myself. Way too much cute stuff to choose from- why not BUY IT ALL?!?!?

With boys, I definitely don’t want to buy it all. I don’t even want to buy half!

You may be asking yourself “Well, she already has Holden, can’t she just use his hand me downs?”
No, no I can not.
Right before we moved into this house (and I was most likely pregnant and didn’t know it) we needed money for home improvements, and the only thing we had that was worthwhile to sell was baby stuff. Being that we didn’t think we’d be having another kid for YEARS, we said ‘eh, why not sell it now. We can buy new stuff way down the line. And if it’s a girl we’d have to buy new stuff anyways and would have saved Holden’s stuff for nothing.’
TSK! If only we’d known! So from 0-12 months we have NOTHING for the new baby, which means I once again have to sift through pukey neon football covered crap for cute things to put a baby boy in.

Luckily this time around, I already knew going into it that it was not going to be easy. I know what stores are too expensive, too cutesy, ugly, not our style, etc., so I knew exactly where to go first:
Outlet shopping.


And that’s not even all of it, or any of the stuff we bought for Holden (which will eventually be passed on to new baby). And the best part? Most of this stuff was $2.00 and under. Well, except the Baby Gap stuff, but I can’t help myself with their clothes sometimes.

Next weekend is a HUGE neighborhood garage sale in the neighborhood I happened to grow up in (so I know just how awesome it is), so i’m hoping to score enough to make it so NO ONE else (except a few key people) will buy baby clothes. I can not tell you how many disgusting putrid outfits we’ve received that we’ve never put Holden in. Did I appreciate the thought? Yes. That doesn’t mean i’d put my kid in neon orange booty shorts and a shirt that says “Daddy’s 1st mate!” And yes, Thomas agrees with me on this subject.
I think we’d run into the same problem with a girl though- people would end up buying us super frilly hideous dresses that make me gag from the ugliness they radiate.

I mean, really, I don’t understand some people’s fashion sense when it comes to babies.
Would YOU wear it?? No? Then don’t buy it for someone else’s kid!
If you wouldn’t wear puke green terrycloth shorts with a neon blue shirt covered in baseballs and monkeys- why would you ever think it would look good on a baby? Or that the parents would want to put their kids in it? There are exceptions I guess. Obviously people buy the crap if it’s still being sold- but not us! No no. We go by the ‘no neon, no sports, no super cutesy almost feminine’ rule.

I plan on dressing this little turd even better then I dressed Holden when he was teeny. Oh, if only i’d have the knowledge then!

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  • Omg, that stuff is so cute!!! I absolutely love a lot of them lol…the one about sleeping, mommy & daddy rock, so so cute! You know, you have to hold on to it for at least another year or two…right? Maybe we might need it, ha! I’ll likely end up like you!!! 😉

  • The funniest thing about buying clothes has been how 80s everything is. I don’t mind because I love the 80s, but I can imagine how much someone who doesn’t would heave at it. Emily has 4 or 5 outfits that are almost exactly like something I had in 1984. One of her skirts actually is the exact same material from a dress I wore in my 2nd grade school pic. So weird.

    I didn’t buy any girly stuff at the beginning because I was trying to plan ahead to reuse it if we have a boy, so most of her early PJs and things (and bedding and car seats, etc) are green and yellow. It was hard finding anything unisex because like you said, racks and racks of baseballs and boats! Ugh. If we do have a boy next, I don’t know what I’m going to do either besides find cute message tees on the cheap. Although amazingly enough, what I’ve seen at walmart for boys hasn’t been TOO bad (tees and minature versions of the stuff DH wears)…it’s the Babies R Us places that are the worst with the sports.

  • If you have a boy- come to the guru of boys clothes and I can send you in the right direction!

    I know what you mean about the 80’s stuff Laura! Some I can handle, Holden has a few shirts with neon boomboxes on them.. but there was one store yesterday we walked into and I said “WTF IS WITH ALL THE DAYGLO?!?” and walked back out.

    Terrie- I have learned my lesson the hard way. No more selling/giving away clothes until my kid is a couple of YEARS out of them! Hope you held on to the girly stuff!

  • Yeah, I have to agree with you on this whole post. You should have heard me ranting to everyone who would listen about the non-selection of boys clothes during Easter. I mean, they just don’t make clothes for boys under 12m! Do they think they just pop out of us a year old? Or that we want to pay $50 for an outfit that they’ll wear maybe twice before they grow out of it? Grrr….it pisses me off.

  • I feel the same as you. If I had a girl I would have no money left. Luckily I knew I was super fertile and there was only months left that I would get pregnant again and sure enough I was right.

    I got a ton of horrible stuff too. But I like the dino stuff. I’m kinda obsessed wtih the dino stuff. Target sometimes has some really cute little boy clothes that go on clearance for like a buck. You gotta watch their clearance section but I’ve gotten lucky over there quite a few times.