The beauty of buying second-hand.

Never have I been opposed to hand-me-downs, going thrifting, or buying from consignment shops. Well, maybe when I was younger, but not in a very long time have I taken issue with it. In fact, it’s my favorite thing to do lately. Finding really awesome deals on shit that’s ridiculously expensive new? Count me in!

Smarty-Pants me, about a month before finding out about my surprise flesh-eating womb pirate, I sold almost EVERY baby item we had that Holden wasn’t using, or that was something I didn’t want to have to re-purchase (glass bottles, jumperoo, play mat). Everything else I had already given over to my brother for his son to use, so needless to say- we freaked out at the thought of having to re-buy a shitload of baby stuff.. and baby stuff is NOT cheap new.

Growing up, my family had garage sales every year- but it was part of a huge community yard sale so there were tons of people buzzing around, a nice family atmosphere. You don’t really find community yard/garage sales. You might find one, go to it, and it’s either been wiped out completely (being that it’s the only one in the area), or it’s literally all junk circa 1980.
We’ve had the same problem with all the ones we’ve hit lately trying to find cheap baby stuff. It’s either gone, or it’s crap.. until last weekend.
A neighborhood in my old town had about 8 yard sales going on. The first 7 were complete duds other than two .10 cent toys we got Holden that he is completely obsessed with.. we didn’t find anything else worth buying until we came upon the last house.
Walking up, I see a large bag with the words “GRACO” in white across the front. Without even knowing what it was, we snatched it and took it up to the owner.
Jackpot! Pack&Play. Not just any Pack&Play, but a ‘grandparent’s pack & play’ which basically means it was only used when baby stayed with the grandparents.. a total of about 6 times.
$20. You CAN’T beat that. Those things are over $100 new depending on what model you get.

Now comes the part where I must sing the praises of Craigslist again. It is a literal baby goldmine.
I realize with peoples’ first child they feel the need to go and buy everything brand spanking new, all shiny and never been tainted by another baby’s ass… but let me let you in on a little secret.
Your baby will use aall that expensive new crap so infrequently, you’ll rue the day you ever spent $179 on a swing you used a handful of times.

Used is THE WAY TO GO. Of course you want to look for something in good condition, and you can find it for $100 less than new in store. So far we’ve bought a Papasan Baby Cradle(swing), a Fisher-price Rainforest Bassinet, Rainforest Vibrating baby chair (vibrating chair is an absolute MUST HAVE) for a total of $100, making our savings easily around $200 depending on where you shop and what kind of sales you can find.

I’m feeling very thrifty at the moment. We don’t need much more before we’re totally set for the new baby (besides diapers and formula, I cringe to think about the cost there), and that is a big relief.

Now, back to sifting through all the crap on Craigslist to find (as Jafar would say) “the diamond in the rough.”

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  • Well, someone must eventually buy the new things in order to sell them for ridiculously cheap to us. So, telling everyone to out and hit CraigsList might actually be a bad idea. :o\


    You are right though, take us with Holden for example. We bought him some new things from the stores, a Jumperoo and a playmat. Damn, didn’t even notice we were that thrifty with Holden too. :oP Those things were worth the price though (AND new baby can use them as well).

    All in all, buying used is just as good as buying new, and cheaper. A lot of parents buy things (or get things in showers) that their babies may never play with, but ours will.