To put it plain and simple: i’m in a little bit of shock at the moment.

My pregnancy with Holden, in the beginning, was pretty normal. My stomach gradually grew every week until about 25 weeks when I “popped” so to speak. Still, it wasn’t a huge drastic difference- just my strange lopsided tummy finally ALL sticking out instead of just the bottom.

With this pregnancy, i’ve been questioning my stomach size. Everyone always tells you you’re supposed to show earlier with your second pregnancy.. and that just didn’t seem to be the case with me. I barely grew from weeks 0-12. At 12 weeks with Holden, I was over twice the size than with this new baby. Not to say that I really minded. I can remember being very uncomfortable in regular pants very early on with Holden because I carried so low (and will most likely carry low with this baby since i’m tall and long waisted.) The longer it takes to show, the longer I can stay in regular pants. I don’t think i’ve ever fully expressed my hatred for ALL maternity bottoms… but I hate them. A lot.

To get back on track: With the way this tummy was growing, I didn’t expect to be ‘showing’ for a good while longer.
Color me shocked when I woke up this morning to take my weekly belly picture.. and i’d exploded. EXPLODED.
Suddenly I was three times the size I was last week. Total confusion.

To give a visual aid..

Last week:

This morning:

Holy lopsided stomach, Batman! At this rate, i’m going to look full term by 6 months. I do not want to get ANY bigger than I did with Holden. PASS!
Not to mention the larger thread of super stretch marks making their way across my skin since my stomach won’t have time to adjust to each phase of expansion.

I’d really prefer to be one of those morons on that TLC show “I didn’t know I was pregnant” where apparently they didn’t show at all..
Even though I don’t believe they didn’t know they were pregnant for five damns seconds. Oh, my period’s just been missing for 9 months! No biggie! Boobs getting bigger and stomach growing? Psh, it’s nothin!
Bunch’a damn liars..
But i’m getting off track here.

Point is- I am not one of those women who enjoys having a huge round stomach to show off. Just don’t like it at all. And I don’t like being touched but everyone who thinks my stomach is open range. I don’t like the extra weight and added pounds. Just not a happy pregnant person.
Baby #2 apparently does not care what I want and decided to make itself known to the world. Not cool, baby, not cool.

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  • Having the weird people touch you is sickening. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re like Santa, and everyone can just come up and touch you. THIS ISN’T A PETTING ZOO!

    But, hopefully you do get the time that you need to lather up with lotion, and get no stretch marks.

  • I don’t understand why people think they have to touch you! I’ve never had to experience that, so Idk what it’s like. Sounds pretty weird anyway!! I like the Santa and Petting Zoo metaphors, well done lol! Very fitting! Maybe I will get to understand first-hand what that’s like in the future!! 😉 Here’s hoping anyway!

    Have you been able to do any exercises(other than yard-saling :P) lately?