April Fools Day ’09: Nothing to report

Today I went to my last OBGYN appointment of my 1st trimester, totally expecting something off the wall to happen. Twins? Weird test results? SOMETHING!
The rest of this pregnancy so far has been so damn strange, it’s kind of been what I expect..

Nothing. No weirdness at all. Went in, talked to the other doctor (the one who didn’t deliver Holden, there are 2 at the practice, I like both a lot), heard the heartbeat on the doppler- watched Holden love ALL over her (moth to a flame, he loves the ladies)… and that was it.

Could it be that the weirdness was that nothing weird happened? Since the pregnancy has been weird so far.. that makes weird normal.. so normal is weird?

Yes, I over-analyze far too often.

In other boring news: no one played any pranks on me, and vice-versa. My usual April Fools joke is that i’m pregnant…
no joking about that this year! After i’d already filled Thomas, my Dad and brother in on the appointment the perfect April Fools joke popped into my head: TWINS! Easily could have gotten a few people to crap their pants over that. Damn preggo brain, ruined all my fun.

Mom strikes again today. Turn on the tv and what do I hear? Journey.
I have NEVER heard Journey so much in my LIFE as I have the past month. And trust me, i’d have noticed it (unlike how you never notice how many people are preggo until you’re preggo yourself).
What is she trying to tell me now?? I know she’s been giving me signs for the past week, but a lot of things were resolved earlier today (I won’t go into that right now). What could it be she’s trying to say? Guess i’ll have to wait and find out. I hate surprises!!!

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