Another Holiday over

My favorite part of the holidays is when they’re over. The preparation and time spent chasing Holden around is something I could really do without.
I’m so tired!! And all the movement made my stomach itch like I had poison ivy. Stupid me didn’t have any lotion with me (I carried a small bottle around while preggo with Holden for just such an occurrence.)

Not much to say about Easter with the fam. Lots of chit-chat, lots of food eating. Holden was well behaved except for body-slamming his soon to be cousin Annabelle multiple times. She took it well though, she’s one tough cookie. She also pulled the living shit out of my hair- I do NOT miss that stage at all.

I do have to say that I LOVE it when you’re open and honest, and you say: “Hey, I know i’m being stupid and irrational but this is how I feel” and someone comes back and says “you’re being stupid and irrational!”
Umm.. DUH, didn’t I just say that? Don’t be a cunt just because i’m being honest with stupid and irrational feelings i’m having.
Some people really have nothing better to do than to tear others down. Get a life and some self esteem, dick lick.
Oh, and try having your own kids- and see how crazy that makes you and then come back and try to judge me.

That is all!

Don’t eat too much candy.. cavities are not fun.

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