All I want is a chicken salad sandwich, damnit!!!!

At my baby shower for Holden, my stepmother had put together literally the BEST chicken salad sandwiches i’ve ever tasted. The chicken salad was pre-made (I think from Costco), but as a twist she stuck it on croissants instead of regular bread and they were amazing. I think I must have had 4 of those things (no wonder I was such a fatty, huh??)
Before that point, I don’t think I was a very large fan of chicken salad, and still I try to stay away from it because I know how awful it is for you (especially when made by restaurants or WaWa or Costco, can we say MAYO CITY??), but every now and then I just have to have one. HAVE TO.

Today was one of those days.

Thomas and I pcked Holden up in the car and drove to a local deli, put in our orders (of course, mine for the chicken salad sammy) and sat down and waited. 10 minutes goes by. Then 20.. then 30.. and finally the manager comes up to our table (it’s not a restaurant, they just bring the food to you because they are SLOW AS HELL) and informs me the chicken salad is “no good” and therefore I can not have any.
Why did it take THIRTY MINUTES to tellme that? Especially since that shit had been made earlier and was just kinda sittin around in one of those chilled tubs waiting to be consumed. And why couldn’t another batch be whipped up? It takes me MAYBE 5 minutes to make tuna salad, and that’s only because I have to cut up the tomatoes and onions and our knives suck ass- but seriously, WHY!? Why can’t I have what I want?!?!?

He then tells me to order something else. I DON’T WANT SOMETHING ELSE! I WANT CHICKEN SALAD!!!
We’d already paid so I had no choice but to hastily choose something else..and it was okay, but when something you eat is just NOT what you really want, you aren’t happy.

So here I sit, still fuming about that stupid deli and their stupid workers who suck at life and stood around and literally did nothing while I waited for them to tell me I couldn’t have what I ordered and PAID FOR.
And I STILL want a chicken salad sandwich, damnit!

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  • We should have taken plan B. Go to Food Lion. Get chicken in a can. Make it ourselves.


    Buy it at Costco. Someone we know has to have a membership. :oP

  • You should have furiously pointed out that you are “pregnant, DUH!” and demanded a refund so that you could go somewhere else, where they actually have what is advertised on their menu. I can’t believe a manager told you to order something else.

    He should have ASKED if you’d like anything else and then offered your money back for having to wait so long.

  • good point! if only!

    I wish it had been a “pay when you’re done” type of place because i’d have walked.

    Coulda gone to frickin’ arby’s down the damn road and gotten myself what I wanted.

    THIRTY MINUTES.. I mean.. come ON. how hard is it to just peek, and let me know.. instead of waiting that long, then telling me no, then making me order and wait AGAIN??

  • stupid place with no chicken salad…grrr…

  • rofl it’s so minuscule in the grand scheme of things..

    but let’s face it.. a preggo’s world revolves around food, and specifically- the food they want.

  • omg Chick-fla has the best chicky salad sammy I have EVER eaten!!! its kinda pricy but soooo yummy delicious.

  • Chick-fil-a is really good!! Maybe try there next time.

    They said the chicken salad was NO GOOD, like spoiled? I guess on the bright side, at least they didn’t give you what you wanted and let you get sick from it!!! Still, I don’t see how it took them 30 minutes to find that out! Maybe everyone that works there had to go back and smell it first before they could say for certain that it was no good?!

  • holy crap!!! this exact thing i mean EXACT thing happened to me while i was in VA! we went to Anderson’s showplace/deli. it was the most annoying thing ever. they kinda forced me into getting a french dip instead. i was pissed so i only ate half of it. weird.