All clear!

Had an ultrasound today- by my doctor- to check the excess fluid seen on my little guy’s brain at the 4d u/s studio.

I am happy to report- there is no excess fluid!!
I don’t doubt the tech saw it, my guess is, just a she suspected it would- it went away on its own, and my little guy is perfectly healthy.

What the tech today DID see are some cysts on baby’s kidneys. These are not PKD cysts, let me state that right now. With PKD, the kidneys have to be enlarged, and his were not. She told me pretty flat out that this baby does not have PKD (just as I thought).
I forget the name she used for these.. but it basically means his pee isn’t processing as it should? She said it shouldn’t be anything worrisome unless it’s paired with either a cleft pallet or a club foot- and baby has neither of those- so they will probably just dissipate on their own. Surprisingly, she says she sees them ALL the time.. but that did make me feel better.

I do have to say that I really can NOT stand the ultrasound tech. I think she hates children. Why become an ultrasound tech at an OBGYN if you don’t like children???
Today was the SECOND time she’s told me I can’t bring Holden back into the u/s room. The first time, I did anyways. Had my brother and Thomas with me, and everyone came on back, much to her dismay.

Luckily for that bitch, today I had my step sister with me, so when Holden flipped out because he was being torn away from his beloved 16 wheeler (a toy in the waiting room he is completely obsessed with), there was someone other than me to deal with him.
This wasn’t before he went tearing down the hallway towards the nurses station, and the ultrasound tech is standing there literally BITCHING at me to hurry up (while saying my full name, like my parents did when I was in trouble as a child), when she could see I was trying to corral my toddler.
Made me wanna cut a bitch.

What if my step sister hadn’t been there? Would she have told me to just leave Holden in the waiting room alone? I don’t fucking THINK so.

She needs to find a new profession.. or at least stay away from children. Go ultrasound hearts or something, I dunno, but she was not child friendly.
I plan on taking Holden, ALONE, to the next ultrasound she’ll be doing, and make sure he’s screaming bloody murder the whole time, just because I know she can’t stand it.


It is now obligatory picture time (and for those who don’t know, that’s not my last name. Moron can’t spell anything even remotely correct):

The infamous pecker. He loves showing that thing off.

That little “Looks like Dad!” thing you see printed across the ultrasound is some macro she has in her computer to just stick on random ultrasound shots. How a spine “Look like Dad!” is beyond me.

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  • Glad to hear everything is okay with #2. You should definitely take Holden back next time that chick is working and teach him choice phrases to repeat over and over. Such as “Why?” and “What’s that?” and “Bunghole!”

  • Oh Jenny I need to read your blog more often. It always makes me laugh. I can totally see you bringing Holden alone to the next u/s and like, pinching him before you go in or something so he’s screaming, LOL!!

    And they always spell my name wrong too… always. No matter how many times I write it out. stupid people.

  • So glad all is well w/B2.
    That bitch U/S tech is making 35 bucks an hr to be a bitch? Complain to office manager, and board of medicine in Richmond, that will take care of her, Caling a patients name out loud like that is a HIPPA violation of privacy especially if she already knows you by name, they can fine the tech 10,000.

  • Why can’t I see your pics? I’ve been reading your posts all day from the beginning, thanks to my sister-in-law, and you’re cracking my shit up! Seriously, though, I’ve done the whole FB like thing, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong..I’m a dork.

  • it appears the pics no longer work? no idea on that one!