Ahh the perks of being a blogger

Sometimes people read your blog, get hints of what you want, and then give it to you.. in bucket loads!
All my incessant talking about chicken salad, and how all I wanted was the kind from Costco.. which I can’t get because i’m a member.. finally paid off. My step sister made a little call (or a few from what I hear, haha) and my Dad showed up tonight with TWO TUBS of the stuff for us to eat. We didn’t even make it through half of one I don’t think.
Just as good as I remembered, mmmmm. Though i’m sure i’ll be regretting it tomorrow when I go to my OB appointment and they tell me not so nicely that i’ve gained a gazillion pounds. As good as chicken salad is, it is NOT HEALTHY. Just thinking about the pounds of mayonnaise they slap in that stuff makes my stomach turn

The other perk to being a blogger, or more specifically, a ‘paid’ blogger (when I choose to take sponsorships that is), is that I get to see who exactly is visiting my blog. Where the most traffic is coming from. Even when you’re anonymous, you’re never anonymous. The internet is a scary place! People who think they’re being sneaky aren’t as sneak as they think when I know exactly which message board they’re posting from, and exactly which thread on that message board sent them here.
All I can say about that is that I hope when i’ve been a mom for.. oh.. 6 years, I don’t completely lose sight of EVERYTHING that makes me who I am outside of being a mom. When people do that, they become bitter and angry. When you completely let yourself go in order to be what you think is a better mom- I can imagine you’d become lonely, bored, and downright mean- taking it out on people you don’t even know, and who certainly don’t deserve it. Get what i’m sayin’?

As totally off topic as it is, I can say with certaintly that completely losing yourself to motherhood is the worst decision you can ever make. You don’t need to change the core of who you are. You don’t need to stop taking things lightly, having fun with things. You don’t need to be ‘the mom’ all the time. Those are the women who end up on “What not to Wear” crying because they’re frumpy, boring and haggard with disgusting hair and bad teeth because they refuse to put themselves first at least every now and then.

Now.. With that said, i’m going to go drink a shitload of water and hope to poop the majority of this chicken salad out before my appointment tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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  • Yeah! Stick it to those lurking dingle-nozzles.

    The chicken salad was great though. Terrible, but great. We have croissants for like a week. We just need to get some honey butter and it would be like Cheddars all over again. 😀

  • OMG you are making me hungry for flippin chicken salad and croissants.