4D Dilemma

During my pregnancy with Holden, I searched HIGH AND LOW for a 4d Ultrasound studio to go to to get not only a gender ultrasound done (before 20 weeks, such a long time to wait), but to get a good look at my growing parasite.
The only one I could find is across a bridge, about 45 minutes away. More in traffic, and there is almost always traffic.

Still, compared to places in other states, the prices are cheap- and you get an assload of pictures to take home.

Due to the crap-ass appointment I got stuck with this time around that I really don’t even want to go to (genetic scan.. pointless genetic scan now that I know more about the condition and one would get it), at a place that treats patients like shit, I decided to make an appointment at the same 4D studio for an early gender determination. 5:30pm on a Wednesday, best I could get.

It’s far for me to drive with Holden, and for ALL of my family that lives over here to go to, but being that I thought they were the only place around- it’s all I could do.

While shopping at the mall today, I ventured into Motherhood Maternity. Something I never do, since their clothes are overpriced and usually don’t fit me.. but I came across a tank top I LOVED and had to buy, so I did.
Girl behind the counter happened to be due on the 18th- just 10 days behind me, and handed me a card for a 4d studio on THIS side of the water, and began to rave about it.

Once we got home I checked out the website.. and while I like the studio I went to with Holden- this one is cheaper, and actually seems better (and not just because it’s closer).

So what to do? Would this place even have a better appointment date/time at such short notice?
If they do, do I take it?

It would be more convenient for Holden and I, and more convenient for the family that lives over here- but what about the people closer to the original studio i’d planned to go to? I doubt ANY of them would drive over here. Sad, but true.
And if I kept my appointment on the other side of the water.. would those friends/family even go? A lot of them bailed out on the appointment I had to take a peek at Holden, who’s to say they wouldn’t do the same this time around- making the appointment.. not quite a waste, but a pointless drive when there’s a studio right down the road.

I hate decisions like this. No matter which I decide, there’s going to be people who aren’t able to go. So should I just pick the appointment that best suits me?
Actually, I hate decisions in general. Never good at making them. Make it for me!

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  • I’m into taking the one over here honestly. I know you would like everyone to go, and if we had it here, less people from there would come here. But, I don’t assume that a lot of them are going to be able to make it either way. It would be very cool if they did though.