Things just aren’t the same!

If it weren’t for my yearly OBGYN appointment, I honestly don’t know that I ever would have figured out I was preggo.
Ok, perhaps i’m exaggerating a tad.. but this pregnancy is completely different from being pregnant with Holden due to the fact that, well, I just don’t feel pregnant.

Before the test came up positive, I had a few mornings where I felt queasy.. but I chalked that up to having a drink the night before (which was odd, ONE drink doesn’t normally put me in a vomity state).

Since finding out? Nothing.

Sure, my boobs hurt.. but they generally hurt for about 2 weeks prior to getting my period anyways, so I probably would have written that off.

Morning sickness? Nope. With Holden, I have to admit that I didn’t have it as bad as when you compare it to the chicks who are puking all day long.. but I certainly wanted to. I had all day nausea, and there were FAR too many occasions where i’d race to the bathroom just praying to heave and actually bring SOMETHING up only to be disappointed.
This time? No urge to heave.. no queasiness.. Just gas. And i’m a little lactose intolerant, so I could probably explain that away, too. That’s not to say I WON’T get morning sickness. I’m not in the ‘safe zone’ yet. I was sick with Holden until I was about 17 weeks pregnant.. so I have 6 more weeks to start puking my breakfast up.

Showing? Not really. Surprisingly I was bigger with Holden at 9 weeks pregnant. This isn’t supposed to happen. EVERYONE tells you that you’ll show sooner with your second pregnancy. Not so with me. I’m bucking the trend I guess. Then again, I could suddenly explode into a HUGE preggo instead of gradually getting bigger like I did with Holden… I don’t look forward to that. Now, towards the end of the day I get so damn bloated I look about 4 months pregnant.. so perhaps that would have tipped me off, but I suppose I could have just thought I was fat.

The ONE thing I did notice, the ONLY thing that to me stuck out and I questioned before I knew about this pregnancy was my bellybutton.
I looked down one night and I said “my bellybutton sure looks shallow”
MOST women get outtie bellybuttons during pregnancy.. not as fast as me though. My bellybutton got flat, FAST, with Holden. I don’t think I ever had the doorknob effect going on.. but if I sneezed it popped out. GROSS, I know.
It’s already doing that now, and has been since… shit, I must have only been 4 weeks at the time. That was the only thing that made me curious, but I let it slide (obviously).

It’s strange that pregnancies can be so different from one another. It’s expected from person to person, but the SAME person, with totally different pregnancies?
Is it because of the baby specifically? The amoutn of hormones being given off? I find it odd.
I’ve heard a lot of old wives tales about how if your pregnancy is totally different, it MUST be the other sex.. but i’m not getting my hopes up. I jinxed myself with Holden, wanting a girl so badly, and he ended up with a penis. I honestly would not doubt if that happened again.. and then I will be totally and completely outnumbered and overwhelmed by the amount of dick in this house.

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  • It is true that this is a different pregnancy completely. There doesn’t seem to be any specific tags giving it away. Minus the positive test of course.

    Let’s just hope that everything works out. 🙂 TACO!

  • Taco, LOL!

    It is going to seem like forever til you find out what you’re having! I hope it goes by fast for you though! Our SIL is finally about to have their kid and I feel like she’s been pregnant for TWO YEARS. Ugh!

    I hope you don’t get hit with EVERY symptom in the book one day all of a sudden!!

  • if you’re not showing as fast it’s probably a girl. You show faster with boys.