There is a down side to every up side

To me, having a potty trained child will be a Godsend. A miracle. So much less hassle and money.

There are also some.. not so great things about it.

Holden isn’t totally potty trained. I’d say he’s about… 70% of the way there. Instead of me dragging him to the bathroom, he runs to the bathroom himself. Now.. he can’t undress himself and sit his ass down on the potty so of course I have to assist him, and for the most part I really don’t mind doing it because i’m the one pushing him to be potty trained. It’s exciting seeing him progress.
There is ONE big HUGGGEEEE but to this situation.

Holden seems to have a tiny bladder, and the inability to hold his piss for more than.. oh.. 10 minutes?

He went to the bathroom… let’s see… 28 times today? 28 pees and one poop. 28 trips to the bathroom. 28 times I had to take off his pants and diaper, sit him down, wait for him to pee, stand him back up, reward him and redress him. 28 times I had to crawl on my knees to get him un & redressed.
You want to talk about having the Knees of a Pornstar, potty training with a subway tiled floor will do that for you, tenfold.

I’m always excited when Holden goes potty, but after the 5th time in 30 minutes, it gets VERY VERY old. Especially when Holden drips maybe a nickel sized puddle of piss out and that’s it.
Really? You can’t hold THAT for another 20 minutes??

Maybe holding pee takes practice.. i’m not sure how much more my knees and my brain can take. Spending my entire day in the bathroom when i’m not the one using it is not my idea of a good time. Especially not when it’s with a kid whose main source of entertainment is pushing out squeaky little farts and laughing hysterically, and then spraying pee all over the potty from laughing so hard.

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  • That is pretty funny stuff, when he gets all excited about peeing and then starts peeing everywhere. Not funny that we have to clean it up, but funny while it is happening.

    He does seem to be learning quite a lot recently though, and I am very glad the potty time is progressing.
    Maybe we have to teach him how to hold it.

  • I think it may be a matter of him being excited about being able to pee in the potty. Not his bladder size. After all when he had the diaper on it was not every 15 min that he went. So once the relative newness wears off he will hold it longer.