Somebody stop me!

I am not domestic. Not by ANY stretch of the imagination would I consider myself anywhere near any variation of the word domestic.
I don’t really like to cook.. I SUCK at baking (ie: my brownies could usually chip a tooth), I loathe cleaning.. gardening makes my skin crawl..
If I were married back in the 50’s, i’d be considered a waste of a woman and end up a lonely old spinster with 57 cats and a complex.

Guess you could call Thomas lucky in that regardless of how much I dislike all of those things, I still do them because I know it’s necessary. Do I do them with a smile on my face? Oh hell no, but shit gets done.

Since we moved into this house, I have been on a crazy domestic frenzy. Everything has to be clean, the dishes have to be done, we have to cook at least 5 nights a week (more to save money then out of want). I realized a few weeks ago that i’ve been preggo since before I moved into this house.. so perhaps the wacky Stepford-ish change i’ve been going through is some early intense form of nesting.

Not ONCE did I nest with Holden. Once I got put on “bed rest” (that I didn’t really follow but used as an excuse), everything went by the wayside. Holden’s room wasn’t even done until probably a few weeks before I squeezed him out of me. There were still balls of cat hair rolling down the hallways like tumbleweeds in the desert (gross, I know). I just don’t think I could find any motivation to get off my fat pregnant ass and do it.

I know i’ve said a million times how different this pregnancy is, and I think every day it just gets proven to me more and more.

Here I am tonight,after HOURS or cleaning today (and making Thomas clean), baking brownies.. for the second time in a week. The madness needs to end! Not only for my sanity’s sake (and possible my back), but my body’s. All these brownies.. all this baking and cooking.. I fear my next OB appointment, that step onto the scale.. i’ll be covering my eyes and praying for a miracle.

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  • You could be right. This could be some intense form of nesting, or that we already have one kid and you are attempting to keep his play area tidy.

    It’s good that we clean. I enjoy it, although not all the time, but it is a simple instant gratification sensation. I can see things go from dirty to clean-er rather quickly. Mowing the gigantic lawn today was not fun at all though. Not only did I run out of gas.. TWICE! But, the yard is 20 times larger than it looks. It took two hours and I didn’t even get to the backyard. That’s what I get for never having mowed it since we moved in.

    DAMNIT… I forgot to clean the cat box. I’ll get to it tomorrow.