So sleeeeeepy

Other than the sore boobs and uncontrollable gas, I haven’t had much to complain about this pregnancy..
Until the past week.

I find myself lying in bed awake for over an hour every single night. Unable to get comfortable. I try to lay on my left side like the doctors recommend.. but my uncomfortably bloated stomach hangs so heavily that I feel like it’s going to rip off. I roll onto my back, and all those warnings come floating into my head: “you’re cutting off circulation to your fetus!”
Like that’s not enough to keep your awake at night!

Right side? Well, it’s not what the doctors want but at least it isn’t my back..
Can’t breath. Deviated septum and stuffy nose prevents me from being able to get enough air to be comfortable.

So I toss and turn.. toss and turn.. desperately trying to find something comfortable and safe so that not only does my body not yell at me, but my brain doesn’t either.

Somewhere between the first hour to second hour of trying to fall asleep, I doze off.

Cue the insane crazy dreams. Every single night. Multiple dreams per night. Most of them being nightmares.
Ahh one of the many ‘perks’ of pregnancy- vivid dreams.

Never in my life do I have wacky dreams like I do while brewing a baby.
From baby monitors thrown down wells, to drinking while pregnant, to really god awful nightmares that for some reason I can’t remember any details of (which is probably for the best), you name it- i’ve probably dreamed about it.

I’d just like to peacefully sleep in whatever the fuck position I please..
I’m not even asking to sleep THROUGH the night, as I never usually did that anyways.. but at least a few hours at a time would be nice.

This way, when Holden wakes up at 6:45 in the morning for no damn reason, I don’t end up holding him down next to me and spoon him so I can fall back asleep while he… I don’t know, stares at the ceiling?

I would like to be REFRESHED, i’d like to go that “glow” thing that people always talk about when referring to pregnant women.. because i’m sure as shit NOT glowing now.

If there were a definition for what i’m doing.. it’ll probably be… dulling.

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  • You’re barely pregnant. You can sleep in whatever position you want to pretty much until the baby itself is cutting off your circulation (and even that’s a load of bull becauase your body naturally kicks in). So get comfy and do what you have to do or else it’s going to be a miserable 9 months.

  • I dont think I have ever seen a woman… Glow. I guess it might be that I don’t really know what it’s supposed to look like. Like super-happy giggly bubbly shit? Maybe in between their immense gas and uncontrollable urge to urinate they glow.

    Maybe we need to bring back the baby wedge.

  • Agreeing with Thomas here, I’ve never actually had the “glowing” part or seen it in a pregnant woman, all I see is how tired they are. I think it refers to the happy/giddy thing going on. Yes the baby wedge/body pillows are the best thing invented for preggers!

  • The wedge or body pillows will help comfort. As for the dreams have yopu ever tried falling to sleep with a meditation tape playing, I find it gives my dreams a direction and stops nightmares.