Shoppin’ for Mommy products

Now that I find myself in the precarious situation of being knocked up again, it’s time to start shopping for products.
The new lotions I bought are all natural, never tested on animals- but very very pricey, and hard to come by (I had to travel 45 minutes to get them).

I’ve come across a company called Beaute de Maman that caters to pregnant women looking for the best products to take care of themselves and their fetuses (I hate that word, it’s a BABY!) during pregnancy by taking into account the hormonal changes we go through as expectant mothers.

You can go to the website and order now for products like stretch mark cream (very important!), nipple cream for nursing mothers (trust me, those things hurt. I only pumped and I was SORE).. or even get a gift basket for a friend who is expecting (someone get me some, please!)
Heck, they even have facial cleansers.. because let’s be honest- pregnant women’s skin goes absolutely crazy.

If that’s not enough, it’s even made it’s way to Hollywood and comes highly recommended by celebrities. I won’t name drop- but when you can afford the best, you find the best.. and it says a lot for Beaute De Maman to have fans in Hollywood.
Even better? It’s CHEAPER than the stuff I bought over the weekend. Poop on me for not shopping around a little more!


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